Inception Designs Stella Barrel

Designed for maximum consistency, efficiency, quiet operation, and complete customization, the Stella Barrel system by Inception Designs is one of the best deals we have available right now. Each element of the three piece system is sold separately or as a complete kit. We can’t get enough of the Stella. Innovative, modular, and executed to perfection—Inception Designs hit this one out of the park. The entire barrel kit as well as individual components are available for sale on our website right now.

It might not look revolutionary—after all inserts help do match your barrel to your paint, right? The Stella is different. Pressure is one of the biggest problems associated with barrel inserts. The Stella Barrel’s patented pressure reduction porting system is one-of-a-kind and completely reduces the noise and inconsistency we’ve experienced with some insert-based custom bore designs.

Stella starts with an 8-inch control bore machined from 6061 aluminum. It’s  available in a variety of custom bores (0.675″, 0.680″, 0.685″, 0.690″ 0.695″) and it is “insert ready.” Three custom bore fronts are also available (0.683″, 0.689″, 0.697″). When configuring a custom barrel, the control bore needs to be larger than the barrel front section. The front section is threaded for a tip end attachment. A variety of lengths are available.

The control bore uses autococker standard threads. The quick-threaded design uses fewer threads than most barrel systems. We anticipate that this will increase durability—more threads means an increased chance of stripping. The spacing of the control bore o-rings prevent metal on metal contact and further improve long-term durability.

Control Bore Specifications 

  • O-Ring Seals at All Interfaces
  • Autococker “Quick Threads”
  • Machine Engraving for Size Marks
  • Available in Matte Black or Raw
  • Six Sizes and Insert-Read

Four port holes are milled into the front of the back piece. These four holes are in front of the threads; They are covered when the front barrel section is attached. The ports act as an exhaust system, emptying air before the paint reaches the front barrel attachment. The exhaust points combine with extensive front porting to reduce unnecessary pressure and deliver accurate, consistent rounds downrange.

Noise reduction is an added advantage of porting at the front of the control bore and the front barrel system. This is one of the quietest barrels currently on the market. Front bore sizing dramatically improves accuracy and consistency. Many manufacturers make custom control bores and inserts. Few take the time to design custom bore front pieces.

Barrel Front Specifications:

  • O-Ring Seals at All Interfaces
  • Porting to Maintain Efficiency and Reduce Noise
  • Machine Engraved Sizes
  • Open-Source Tip Sizing (Compatible with Variety of Tips)
  • Available in Matte Black or Raw

Total barrel length is only controlled by tip size. The tips are .70″ bore and available in a variety of sizes. Any Apex tip will fit the end of the barrel.  Additionally, each Stella component comes with firm packaging that can be reused—this helps keep your barrel parts protected in your gear bag.

Inception Designs got everything right with this barrel. With a patented porting and exhaust system, the Stella is consistent, quiet, and accurate. It’s completely customizable; You can even use an insert with the largest control bore. For the price, there is nothing else like it available right now. Check out our website to order the barrel backs, front sections, and tips. For the ultimate in customization, the entire kit is also available.

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