Spotlight on the New Tippmann TCR

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Magfed play is on the rise here in North America. Opting to play with a magazine of two dozen balls rather than a hopper filled with a few hundred, magfed play challenges players to make every shot count. Perfect for the player that prefers their paintball slow yet strategic rather than fast and frenzied, quality magfed play demands top-quality magfed markers. Thus, that’s where Tippmann comes in, as they have just announced their newest magfed market, the TCR (Tactical Combat Rifle).

Available this summer for $349, the TCR is based on the same platform as Tippmann’s classic TiPX pistol. Using the exact same magazines as the TiPX (including the original 7 ball magazine), the TCR also sports a magazine that holds 12 balls (first strike compatible) and is compatible with the ZetaMag 20 ball magazine. The TCR also features an awesome magnetic compartment that makes replacing your 12-gram cartridge a snap. Pop it open, slide the cartridge in (no need to screw anything), and using the power of science (or magic, perhaps?), your TCR is back in the game (no cartridge screwing required). In the event that you want to load your cartridges using a different hand, you can simply swap the compartment to the opposite side of the gun with relative ease.

The TCR takes A-5 threads and features a collapsible stock, an adjustable cheek rest, and flip-up sights, several tactical rails, and even provides the option for you to play with a remote line. You can even tweak the gun to turn it into a regular hopper-fed marker as well, allowing you to use it for more than just magfed play. A simple-to-use gun with a multitude of different options, Tippmann’s TCR is the best place to start if you want to get into magfed play. We will have them in stock this summer, so keep checking our website to see when we have Tippmann’s newest sensation available for pre-order!

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