Snapshooting is probably one of the most important skills that you will need to master prior to hitting the paintball field.  It is an effective and essential way of shooting quickly behind a bunker.  Basically, snapshooting is where you are behind some sort of cover, like a bunker, and quickly pop out to shoot a few rounds at an opponent.  After you shoot those few rounds, you quickly hide back behind the cover.

The reason why this type of shooting is effective is because it is quick and provides you with the opportunity to trick your opponent and catch them off guard.  You should try to practice snapshooting with your team or by yourself prior to going to a tournament or a paintball game.  Here are some tips for becoming THE best snapshooter out there…

  • Practice It – Practice makes perfect, right?  Or at least that’s what they say.  By setting up some sort of bunker or cover and a target out in a field somewhere, you can easily practice this type of shooting skill.  You can even set up different targets at different distances, which will give you some variety and different things to shoot at.
  • While Playing, Make Sure You Know Where Your Opponent Is – If you know where your opponent is, or where he is hiding, then you are better able to snapshoot without getting caught.  Also, if you have a good idea of where the guy is, you will know which side of the bunker to lean out of.  If you lean right, you will want to facesnapshooting to the right.  Lean forward, which helps you to avoid awkward positioning.  If you want to come out from the left side, then do the same thing just to the left.
  • When you lean out, you only what about half of your body exposed – this will help to avoid getting shot at and hit.  When you lean out of your bunker, only allow half your head (enough to see), your hands and your marker to come out.
  • After you shoot a few rounds, pop back behind your bunker to avoid getting shot at.  As soon as your opponent shoots at you or hits your bunker, repeat the process again.
  • Never come out with your gun first.
  • Mix It Up!  Try to avoid coming out of the same side, along with the same positions.  If you came out to the right in a crouching position then next time come out from the left side in a kneeling position.  Just switch it up and keep your opponent on his toes.

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  1. There are a lot of very inspired paintball fields and that’s really true practice makes perfect. You gave a really nice tips paintball lovers :)

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