Smoke Grenades For Paintball: CGS Smoke Grenades

Looking for paintball smoke grenades?

We’ve got them.

You’ve got a few choices too.

If you are looking for a specific color and about 20,000 cubic feet of smoke, you’ll want to consider the $6.00 Enola Gaye Wire Pull Smoke Grenade. If you want a bunch of them, head over to our website and buy 10 at once—we’ll give you one for free.

Why Do You Need Smoke Grenades For Paintball?

Because of the smoke!

There are a million uses for these things. Set them off for cool photographs and video effects, use them to obstruct view while playing, ad some more sim to your milsim games—just get them and set them off because they are cool!

Want More Smoke?

If you want more smoke than you can handle—70,000 cubic feet of it—you need a CGS Smoke Gernade—or a few.


CGS stands for Coast Guard Surplus. CGS also stands for “the real deal.”

The supply we just got in are perfect for paintball—especially if you like the color orange.


Whatever you do with them, don’t set them off near the water. Orange smoke is a universal maritime distress signal.

A Bunch Of Choices (Really Just One)

The CGS smoke grenades you see on our website come in a variety of forms. There are twist top versions, pop off tops, big and small—they all look different, but they all do the same thing. That’s let off about 70,000 cubic feet of vibrant orange smoke.

Don’t let the different names confuse you. You’ll see different names for each of the CGS grenades on our site. “Eurosul” means it’s an orange smoke grenade. So does “HuaHia” and “red MK8.”


All of them are orange. Don’t like orange? Take a look at the Enola Gaye.

How Do They Work?

Twist or pull the top off and pull the wire inside.

Set them on the ground!

They are classified as “cool burning” which means that they won’t set flammable substances like gasoline fumes on fire. The metal body of the smoke grenades do get warm and they will burn your hand. We don’t recommend trying to hold on to them.

Burn time is about 90 seconds to 2 minutes. When they are finished burning, they are still going to be warm.

They are non-toxic, water resistant, and—most importantly—orange. Very orange.

If you want us to pick which one to send to you, order from our website here. If you want a CGS smoke grenade with a cool name like HuaHia, do a search or click here.

Want to see them in action?

Check out the video below.


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