Shooting Positions for Paintball

Shooting during paintball requires you to do so accurately while in different positions, including running, kneeling, standing, lying on your stomach, crouching and while sitting.  The key to shooting is being “on target” and knowing how to shoot in each position.  Because marker positioning differs with each position, you and your teammates will need to practice so that you all can master the skill of adapting to each situation.

Position #1: Kneeling

Typically you will find yourself in a kneeling position when you are behind a bunker and need to see over it.  To position, prop yourself up on one knee.  The knee that is not propped up, be sure that it remains active incase you need to quickly get up and move.  As for your gun keep it at eye level and tight to your body.  Keeping your gun tight to your body or shoulder will help if you ever need to get up and flee from the position you are in.

Position #2: Prone – On Your Stomach

proneIf you ever find yourself lying on your stomach, then mastering marker position is very important.  You wouldn’t want to remain down on your stomach because the accuracy of your shot will be way off.  So while in prone position, come up onto your elbows lifting your upper body and hold your gun up at eye level.  This will give you a better shot and help you to see the enemy much better.  Should you need to move at anytime, you can do so on your stomach.  Practice army crawling prior to hitting the field, this is a good way to get somewhere if you are on your stomach.

Position #3: Standing

If you are shooting at a distance, try to do so standing up simply because your accuracy will be much better.  But you don’t just want to stand out in the open; this makes you an easy target.  While standing, do so behind a bunker or a tree so you can peek in and out.  Holding your gun while standing is more about what is most comfortable for you.

Position #4: Crouching

Crouching is not the most comfortable position to stay in for a lengthy amount of time.  If you find yourself in this position and need to shoot at any time, do so with your gun tight at your body or shoulder.  Keeping your body moving forward is key – lean forward a bit to help you move if you need to flee from your current position.crouch

Final Thoughts 

You don’t have to always stay in one position, constantly be ready to move into another one if you find yourself in danger of getting shot at.  The goal is to find the position that works best for you and practice them regularly before you are on the field.

Do you have any additional tips about shooting from a certain position?  Do you practice shot accuracy from each position before a big tournament or game?  Leave your comments below.

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