First Impressions Review: Milsig M17 Paintball Gun

The eagerly anticipated Milsig M17 didn’t merely meet my expectations, it shattered them. I’ve been waiting for something like this from Milsig. The minute you see this marker, you will NEED to have it in your arsenal.  Save yourself some time—stop reading this review and pre-order it right now, it is seriously that good.

We got our hands on the whole line-up of new M17 markers at the Paintball Extravaganza just a few days ago. They are hard to put down. Check out the video:

High Efficiency Air Technology (HEAT)

You might already be familiar with Milsig’s new valve system to replace the  “blow-back” valve you see on Tippman-style markers. Just in case you don’t know about it, here is a quick run-down. Traditionally, “blow-back” valves are durable, simple, and easy to maintain. The problem? They completely suck away efficiency.

That’s where the Milsig’s “High Efficiency Air Technology” or “HEAT” core comes in. The Heat core is a “blow-forward” style spool valve that gets rid of the cocking arm. In theory and practice, the Heat core is easier to maintain, more reliable and more consistent than the old “blow-back” style valves.

Milsig claims impressive accuracy improvements due to the heat core—as little as +/- 2 fps. Because accuracy is all about consistency, you need a “blow-foward” style valve if you  want to impress with marksmanship skills.

Mechanical Full Auto

No batteries, no electronics, just mechanical fully automatic firing. This is where the Milsig M17 is making the most waves. Combined with the Heat core, the mechanical full auto puts the M17 on a different level. There are no electronics to break. No batteries to replace. It’s completely awesome.

Mechanical full auto and the Heat core make regular maintenance easy. There are only five O-rings in the whole marker and you only need to service two of them regularly. You get to the internals by removing just two pins.  It’s fast, it’s easy, and there are no hassles.

Additional Features and Function

The coolest part about this marker for me is the new grip design. You can attach any standard AR-15 grips to the marker, offering a virtually unlimited array of possibilities.The AR-15 style cocking handle is pretty sweet too—they only needed to add it so you could clear a jam. With the First Strike ready 18 round magazine, it looks badass right out of the box.

Three Models


The Milsig M17 CQC is under $300. Designed to replace the CQB PRO, it comes in at a low price but packs a huge punch. For me, it’s the ultimate close quarters marker. Lightweight, durable, a high quality construction and feel—it’s perfect for rushing in fast and getting out quick. With the short barrel, it looks just like a classic SMG.


The M17 XDC is around twice the price of the CQC, but it has the ability to do it all. It comes with a machined receiver and foregrip and the mid-length Marksman Rifled Barrel System. This is the best all-around marker in the lineup.


The M17 DMR tops off the lineup. It was developed for long range engagements. As a completely dedicated sniper platform, it includes the Milsig 400mm FSR Marksman barrel. The price is higher, but you will find very few out of the box sniper markers that are better.

The only downside that I can see to the Milsig M17 is first, which one should I buy? And second, I am not going to be alone because everyone is going to order one.

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