Review: Trinity Tippmann Screw Kit

tippmann a5 image

If you have been looking for some extra screws for your Tippmann (A5 and Model 98 only), then do we have the deal for you! The best way to have some extra screws on-hand at any time is to make the smart decision and choose the Trinity Tippmann Screw Kit today! Learn more about it after the jump.

This screw kit includes the following:

  • 2 Valve screws.
  • 2 Body screws.
  • 1 Receiver Bolt.
  • 1 Velocity screw.
  • 1 Hopper long screw.

2+2+1+1+1= 7. Seven screws!

There isn’t a lot to this review, but keep this in mind guys: instead of having to hunt down specific screws for your Tippmann, you can have an assortment of screws on-hand at any given time. Instead of driving to your local hardware store and spending time trying to find that one screw that might just fit? Do yourself a favor: buy this screw kit here and save yourself some time and money.

For our video review (and to see the screws in all their glory), watch our video review here.

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