Review: Rap 4, 3-inch SMG Shorty Barrel

Rap 4 3-inch SMG Shorty Barrel

A quick review today, but it’s a good one. If you have been looking for solid shorty barrel, then do us a solid – read our review below to learn all about the Rap 4, 3-inch SMG Shorty Barrel!

First thing’s first: this barrel is not going to be accurate at long distances. If you’re hoping to pop somebody from across the field, you’re going to be severely let down by the Rap 4. Yet, if you want to maneuver around tight corners and know you are going to be playing in an environment where there isn’t a lot of room between you and the other players, then the Rap 4 is perfect. Nobody wants to deal with a long barrel in tight corners, and with the Rap 4, you will undoubtedly be the most maneuverable players on your team.

We suggest that you use the Rap 4 as a backup barrel for CQB and of course, close-quarters engagement. Again, if you are going to be playing close with other players, this is the barrel for you. If not? Stick with your normal barrel.

For those that want a durable, effective, and dependable short barrel, the Rap 4 doesn’t disappoint. Buy it here, or watch our video review here to see what it looks like.

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