Review: Planet Eclipse Geo 3.5

Planet Eclipse Geo 3.5 Image

Get excited, friends. The Planet Eclipse Geo 3.5 is here, and let me tell you: it’s a thing of beauty. Standing on the backs of a giant by way of PE’s other marker the GSL, the Planet Eclipse Geo 3.5 truly feels like something special. Even so, is it worthy of a purchase? Keep reading to find out!

If you had the pleasure of using the GSL marker, then you know how awesome of an experience it is. Making the Geo platform more efficient than ever – all the while improving the sound and feel of the marker as a whole. The GSL was Planet Eclipses’ grandiose experiment in trying to take the brand and crank it up to 11 with their next installment of the Geo brand.

The result? The Geo 3.5 – a marker that encompasses everything great about the GSL and makes it better than ever. Sleek yet comfortable, increased efficiency with a quieter sound signature, this is one marker that is going to give you a softer shot than you’re used to. Moreover, you can also use a pop-up, tool-less bolt removal system via the I.V. Core bolt with your Geo 3.5 to ensure that the marker shoots as efficiently as possible.

Woodsball players are beginning to swear by the Geo platform, and for good reason: the Geo brand is typically lightweight and quiet. In woodsball, this is invaluable, because if you give away your position? You’re a fish in a barrel (not literally, of course). Yet, it’s not marker designed for solely woodsball and serious tournament players, either. In addition, speedball players are going to be interested in the marker as well. With minimal barrel rise (even during ramping) and the amazing efficiency that will allow you to carry more than enough paint for longer speedball matches, the Geo 3.5 truly is one of the best markers for any player.

Moreover, the Geo 3.5 also uses an on-board backlit LCD display that is arguably one of the best LCD displays on any marker on the market today. Allowing you to fully adjust the electronics via your marker, you can also use the optional ePortal kit to connect your marker to your PC, thus allowing you to adjust parameters or simply to customize the graphics on your display. Again, a nice little touch that makes a big difference.

Going back to the I.V. Core bolt, the Geo 3.5 also uses a customer mac solenoid valve system that actually drives the bolt while controlling the filling of the firing chamber. You will find that the speed of the bolt is externally adjustable thanks to a dial on the trigger guard. Choosing a slower bolt speed will reduce the shot signature as well as the recoil, resulting in a softer and silent shot. If you choose a higher bolt speed? The Geo 3.5 fires at a high rate.

Complete with:

  • Magnetic spring trigger return mechanisms.
  • Leaf spring trigger return mechanisms.
  • Micro switch sensing circuits.
  • Optical trigger sensing circuits.
  • All-metal, multi-ported bolt and full rubber-tipped, anti-rollback bolts included.

The Geo 3.5 truly gives players control over how they want to use the marker. It’s the biggest step the Geo brand has taken thus far, and we can honestly say that it is one of the finest markers of the year. It’s going to cost you $1,449.95, but for the features included with the marker (along with a case for protecting your marker), the price point isn’t too shabby considering how awesome the marker is.

If you are ready to take the plunge, you can buy the marker from us here. Want to watch our video review first? Watch it here!

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