Review: NCStar DRGB135 Dot Sight With Cantilever Weaver Mount

NCStar DRGB135 Image
If you have been looking for a quality dot sight that’s durable yet lightweight, boasts a ton of awesome features, but will not break your piggy bank, then the NCStar DRGB135 sounds to us like it is the perfect fit for you. Sporting three brightness settings for the green/blue/red dots of the NCStar DRGB135, this is a dot sight that you will want to have with you at all times, this is just the beginning of the advantages players will have when using the NCStar DRGB135. What makes it stand out from the other dot sights in its price range? Let’s find out.

When using the NCStar DRGB135 for the first time, one thing becomes quite clear: this baby is lightweight! It’s also durable, and while we do not recommend that you take the NCStar DRGB135 dot sight outside and bang it across a rock, it will most likely still work perfectly. When you’re sight gets shot with a few stray paintballs? Don’t get mad at the player for damaging your dot sight – because he/she didn’t! Besides, shouldn’t you be mad at yourself for getting hit?

The NCStar DRGB135 uses a fantastic cantilever mounting system. Not only does it look awesome, but it’s also incredibly sturdy as well. Using a simple finger adjustment knob so you do not have to have any tools to mount this to your marker, the NCStar DRGB135  is a cinch to change up on the fly. Moreover, the NCStar DRGB135  also sports a peep sight underneath the red dot of the sight. They drilled a hole in the mount, so if you have fixed sights that you can use, you can still get access to it even though the red dot sight has been mounted.

The NCStar DRGB135  also sports durable rubber flip-up and lens covers on the front and rear. Moreover, you also have rubber leashes on both the windage and elevation adjustments. Normally, when you are changing these settings and drop one of these adjustments, it’s going to be a pain to find them again. With these leashes, you will never lose one of them again.

The NCStar DRGB135 also features a big settings knob that allows you to switch to the three different colored dots. The NCStar DRGB135  features the following:

  • Painless to look through for an extended period of time.
  • Three different brightness settings for each colored dot.
  • Built-in peep sight.
  • Cantilever weaver/picatinny style mount.
  • Awesome black anodizes aluminum construction.
  • One of the most awesome, durable, inexpensive sights on the market today!

If you have been looking for a dot sight that delivers but will not break the bank, visit us today and learn more. Still not convinced? Watch our video review to learn everything you need to know about this awesome dot sight!

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