Review: NCStar 3-Watt Flashlight

NCStar 3-Watt Flashlight Image

Want a powerful, completely-metal 3-watt flashlight for your paintball marker? Then does NCStar have the product for you! A high-output flashlight that mounts to any weaver or picattiny rails, NCStar may have another hit product on their hands. But do they? Keep reading to find out for yourself.

Installation is very straight-forward. With merely an Allen wrench, you can have the flashlight installed in a matter of seconds. Nice and sturdy, the light adds a great addition to any marker.

Now the drawback: you cannot push the flashlight to keep it on. That’s bothersome to say the least. Luckily, NCStar offers an awesome flashlight pressure switch that will allow you to remotely turn on and off your flashlight. Installation is a cinch too, so this isn’t a case of the flashlight being more trouble than it’s worth.

You can buy it directly from us here for only $2.99.

NCStar’s 3-Watt Flashlight features the following:

  • Aluminum construction
  • 3-Watt Bright LED
  • 65 Lumens peak output
  • Weighs next to nothing.

It’ a great addition for those that enjoy playing in the dark. Buy it from us here, and if you’re interested in viewing our video review? Check it out here.

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