Review: Morphfire for Autocockers

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You have probably seen our review of the Morphfire (and if you haven’t, what are you waiting for turkey?). We had a ton of fun firing the Morphfire, so you may be wondering why we’re back plugging it all over again. Well, the team responsible for the Morphfire has finally made the Morphfire for markers with Autococker threads. Excited? You should be!

Now, if you watched the review linked above, know that it install exactly in the same way. It’s simple, and here at Hustle Paintball, we hate for things to be more complicated than they need to be. The Morphfire designed specifically for Autococker markers does not disappoint. If you want to see us install it on an Autococker marker, check out our video here and see for yourself how simple it is.

Keep one thing in mind: when installing, your Morphfire is unlikely to line up straight like the one in the second video linked above. Loosen up the five screws as shown below:

morphire five screws

Rotate it so the marker is lined up, tighten the five screws back up, and you’re good to go.

Let me say one thing guys: this thing shoots like a beast. It’s as if part of Brock Lesnar’s spirit has possessed every manufactured Morphfire, because this thing seriously delivers raw, uninhibited power. Please keep in mind though: do not fire this at people! That isn’t what it is for, so use your head and don’t be a jerk.

Also, don't fire Brock Lesnars at people.

Also, don’t fire Brock Lesnars at people.

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