Review: Metadyne Industries MP5 SD A5 Shroud

Metadyne Industries MP5 SD A5 Shroud

Do you want to intimidate every player on the battlefield with your A5 marker? Of course you do – and one of the best ways to do that? With the MP5 SD A5 Shroud! But is it functional; and most importantly, is it worthy of a purchase? Read our review to find out!

One of the best things about the MP5 SD is that is provides the player with a grip and mock suppressor – all in one piece! Convenient yet functional, this barrel free-floats within the shroud via a barrel adapter and knurled ring. Best of all? There are absolutely no screws to dent your barrel. Rather, the shroud attaches to your marker.

The MP5 SD A5 Shroud also sports a barrel adapter. The body also threads onto it and locks down via the knurled ring. What does all of this mumbo-jumbo mean for you? It’s simple: you can thread your barrel on and off freely without the hand guard. Thus, there is no need for:

  • Set screws.
  • Compression rings.
  • Adapter sleeves.
  • Useless BS.

No more scarring.

No more damage to the barrel.

One of the best shrouds for the money.

Seriously, this shroud is one of the best you can find – and we stocked it way back in 2009! Designed for 10’’ barrels and shorter (although longer barrels work fine), it’s an awesome piece of equipment every A5 owner should have.

Buy it here and watch our video review here to get in on the action!

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