Review: Lapco Offset Sight Mount for Tippmann A5/ non-Platinum Series 98

lapco offset sight mount

How nice would it be if you were able to mount two accessories to your marker for use during a match? Now, wouldn’t it be nice if you could do this with your Tippmann A5 and/or non-Platinum Series Tippmann 98? Did you say yes to any of these questions? Then do we have the product for you! Read more to find out what it is!

Arguably one of the best yet unknown products for the Tippmann A5 or non-Platinum Series Tippmann 98 is Lapco’s Offset Sight Mount .This allows you to mount any weaver or dovetail mount to your marker, thus giving you the opportunity to play with a handful of select mounts. Whether you want a flashlight mounted to your marker or a red-dot sight, this product will allow you to mount a weaver and dovetail mount simultaneously. A great way to add a ton of awesome accessories to your Tippmann A5/non-Platinum Series Tippmann 98, left-handed and right-handed players alike will be able to use their favorite accessories simultaneously and easily without fail.

Lapco’s Offset Sight Mount for Tippmann A5/non-Platinum Series 98’s features the following:

  • Sight mount that is offset to avoid obstruction of hopper.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Stable base to attach sights, scopes, or anything else that will mount to weaver rails.Simple to clean.
    • Additionally, features a 45-degree 3/8 dove tail mount.
  • Detaches/attaches in a matter of seconds.
  • Note: Product is not compatible with Platinum Series 98.

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