Review: Gunhead TiPX First Strike Conversion Kit

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Yo, Tippmann fans! Have you been jonesing to shoot the legendary Tiberius First Strike rounds out of your Tippmann marker? If you have (and we know that you have), then keep reading, because we have one exciting product! Seriously – stop now and you’re going to miss out on one of the most awesome additions you can add to your Tippmann marker!

Enter the Gunhead TiPX First Strike Conversion Kit – one of the easiest conversions kits you can buy for your Tippmann marker. Installing the conversion kit is fairly straightforward – but first, you have to take apart the marker:

  • Remove the seven screws from your Tippmann pistol.
  • Unscrew the barrel.
  • Remove the CO2 cap.
  • Separate the halves of the pistol.

Pretty straightforward, right? Most of you have probably done this hundreds of times, so we’re not telling you anything new.

Once the marker has been taken apart, it’s time to install the conversion kit:

  • Grab your new block from the conversion kit and install the first-breach towards the threads of the block.
  • Lift up the valve assembly, insert your block.
  • Once inserted, insert the front block.
  • Insert the CO2 cap.
  • Put the marker back together!

And that’s it! The best part about it? Your marker will shoot like an absolute dream! Interested in buying the Gunhead TiPX First Strike Conversion Kit? Buy it here via Hustle Paintball today, but be sure you also purchase the Gunhead TiPX First Strike Magazine (purchase it here) simultaneously with the conversion kit – otherwise, it will not work properly!

Want to see the conversion kit in action? Check out our video review here!

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