Review: Gen X Global Paintball Hauler

gen x global paintbal hauler

Looking for a convenient way to carry your paintballs? Want a convenient way to store your paintballs and feed them into your hopper/pod with relative ease? Then do we have the answer for you! It’s the Gen X Global Paintball Hauler, and it’s one of the best ways to store/transport your paintballs with you. Is it worth buying? Find out after the jump!

The Gen X global Paintball Hauler features the following:

  • Large fill spout.
  • Holds approximately 1000 paintballs.
  • Smaller pour spout – perfect for hoppers and pods!
  • Durably, heavy-duty grip handle.
  • Tough lids. No surprise openings – even when you shake it upside down!

The gang over at Hustle have purchased similar products in the past, and we’re being 100% straight-forward with you: we continue coming back to the Gen X Global Paintball Hauler. Made of durable, lightweight plastic along with a wider lid and a kick ass design, this is the ultimate way to keep your paintballs stored.

Not sure if the Gen X Global Paintball Hauler is right for you? Check out our video review here and watch as Ethan tips the hauler upside down and violently tries to force the lid open (hint: it doesn’t happen – this thing will keep your paint safely stored inside!).

Ready to buy it for yourself? Click here!

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