Review: Gen X Global Chest Protector

Gen X Global Chest Protector image

Need to protect your chest while playing paintball? It isn’t just a good idea for our female readers – it’s a good idea for all! Take it from me: getting shot in the man breast hurts (hurts!). Ever felt cracked skin on your nipple? You don’t wanna. That’s where Gen X’s Global Chest Protector comes into play. Designed to protect those precious fun pieces, your stomach, and back alike, it could make the difference between staying in the game or lying on the ground crying because you can’t feel your ta ta’s. But is it worthy of a purchase, or should you look elsewhere for a chest protector? Read our review to find out!

The first thing we’ve noticed is this thing is cheap – cheap cheap! Originally priced at a cool $29.99 in 2010, we’ve actually lowered the price to only $19.99 so you’re getting an even better deal than before. It’s also very easy to put on and comfortable to wear. Thus, if you want to wear this over bare skin? Not a problem.

  • No chafing.
  • No itching.
  • No uncomfortable vest-on-skin rubbing.
  • Flexible, comfortable, and allowing you to have full range of motion, the Gen X Global Chest Protector is a peach to wear.

It also fits nearly any size of person as well, so no matter your dimensions, this chest protector is going to fit.

Even so, performance is everything; and we’re happy to say that this is one chest protector that is going to protect your…chest – every single time you get shot! Don’t believe us? Check out our video review to see it in action.

That’s truly all there is to the Gen X Global Chest Protector. Comfortable, durable, and effective, it will certainly protect you while you’re on the field. Don’t put up with unnecessary pain! Do yourself a favor and consider this chest protector today, and protect yourself by buying the Gen X Global Chest Protector today!

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