Review: Empire Battle Tested THT Operator Gloves Review

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Do you want a pair of gloves that are not only tough, but comfortable? Of course you do, but we know what you’re thinking: “guys, such a thing doesn’t exist. I can only have one, but not the other, right?”

Typically, you would be right – yet these gloves from Empire are a different type of beast altogether. With a little bit of armor and a bit of padding, these gloves will allow you to keep your finger firmly on the trigger while providing you with a ridiculous amount of protection. And again, these gloves are comfortable! Here’s what you need to know about them:

  • Knuckles are fully protected.
    • Reinforced nylon weave protect the knuckles comfortably.
      • Hard yet flexible, it’s awesome protection for the knuckles.
  • Hard, rubberized protection in the palm.
    • Super tough palm = no more aching palms.
    • Tough grip makes it simple to hold your pods, marker, etc.
  • Material between the fingers is superb.
    • Very thin, but this doesn’t mean it’s cheap. Flexible spandex material that provides stellar, comfortable protection.
    • This allows you to move your fingers and grab anything you need to grab despite lots of armor in your glove.
  • Great grips on the fingertips.Quality Velcro clasps that eliminates sliding off.
    • Gripping your marker’s trigger will have never felt better.

Empire has made a glove that has a ton of padding while ensuring your hand is comfortable and free to play as easily as if you were not wearing gloves to begin with. Add to the fact that you are buying an Empire product, and one thing becomes clear: this is a glove you have to have if you want the best of both worlds: protection and comfort.

Check out our video review if you don’t believe us, and once you became a believer? Buy the gloves directly from us at the hottest price on the Internet. You need these gloves in your life – and only Hustle Paintball can provide you with such a stellar deal!

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