Review: Dye Paintball Neck Protector

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Do you feel the need to protect your neck while you play paintball? If you don’t, you should. Nobody likes feeling the sting of a paintball on their neck (or if you’re like me – your neck fat). It hurts, and if you disagree, obviously you’ve never been shot in the neck before. But never mind the neck – what about the throat? Ever been shot in the throat before? Good luck swallowing normally for the rest of the afternoon, because let me tell you – it isn’t fun.

What if there was a way to avoid these risks of paintball altogether and protect your neck? Well, now there is! Enter Dye’s Dye Performance Neck Protector – a neck protector that is comfortable and quite soft. But does it protect your neck? Find out below!

The Dye Performance Neck Protector comes in two flavors: black and Dye’s own DyeCam. One of the first things you will notice are the two flatter sections near the middle of the neck protector complete with force plating. While it isn’t completely hard, it’s harder than what is on the side of the neck protector, ensuring that your trachea is perfectly protected. The mesh on the protector is also very breathable as well while ensuring that every inch of your neck is protected to perfection.

The Dye Performance Neck Protector also features elastic velcro as well, meaning that no matter the size of your neck, you are able to fit it perfectly. Breathable while protecting your neck perfectly, Dye’s Dye Performance Neck Protector is the neck protector you need to have in your arsenal.

And if you don’t believe me? Check out our video review here, and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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