How to Replace Your Top Flange/Mini Fill Nipple on Guerrilla Myth Regulator

The Guerrilla Myth Regulator is incredibly simple to rebuild and repair in the event of a blown o-ring or damaged flange. It just so happens that I blew an o-ring then dropped the tank, so I decided to show you just how easy it was to fix it!

The Guerrilla Air Myth Compressed Air Tank Regulator – 3000 and 4500 psi

Guerrilla Air Myth Compressed Air Tank Regulator 3000psiA mere 3/4″ from the bottle to the threads (compared to 2 or more inches on competing regulators), this regulator is not only light and small, but incredibly versatile and high-flow as well. There is no “high-pressure” or “low-pressure” version – instead, Guerrilla Air has a special hybrid version that works with all guns – high and low pressure. The flow rate is so incredibly high that even if you’ve got a gas-gulping, high-pressure Spyder, this regulator will keep up with it on the worst days!


  • A previously un-thought of size and weight.
  • Virtually instantaneous recharge – A Guerilla Air Hallmark
  • Uncharted air efficiency and utilization – Stellar performance, all the way down to 0 psi
  • 3000psi
  • Patented High-Flow Dump Channels – Permits total venting of cylinder contents in case of catastrophic failure. In English? “If your tank becomes unstable, the regulator safely vents the gas”
  • Over-Pressurization Relief Port – Prevents over-pressurization of the regulator’s internals or your paintball gun
  • User friendly & rebuildable
  • Replaceable head tip (for those accidental dings to the o-ring gland).
  • It’s Guerrilla Air! – All the same quality you’ve come to expect is standard equipment on the Myth regulator.

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