Quick Look: Guerrilla Air Digital Camo/Black Carbon Fiber Tanks


Guerrilla makes some of the most stellar carbon fiber tanks on the market today, and they’re line of camo/black carbon fiber tanks are no exception. Since Tiberius Arms recently acquired Guerrilla, they have made a ton of improvements to Guerrilla Air’s line of carbon fiber tanks over the last year. Here are some of the improved carbon fiber tanks they have released.

All of the new Guerrilla carbon fiber tanks now have a slim look to them. Guerrilla has done a fine job shaving off about every inch of fat they could muster, resulting in slim yet long tanks.

Moreover, Guerrilla Air has also released a new digital camo skin on all of the tanks in the Guerrilla line, resulting in a nice change of pace from the standard black that has been the norm with Guerrilla Air carbon fiber tanks for years.

These updated tanks also have new regulators as well via the myth 4.5. The tanks also feature a new piston and the low-profile burst discs standard. Guerrilla has also released a 100 cubic inch tank as well. Perfect for players that use remote lines to play (‘nay, mandatory for remote line players as it’s too big to tote on the back of one’s marker), this baby won’t run out of air anytime soon!

Tiberius Arms has done a bang-up job updating the Guerrilla Air line. If you are interested in buying some of the best carbon fiber tanks on the market today, buy them directly from us below:


Of course, you can find fine products such as these and so much more on our website, and if you want to watch an in-depth video preview of the new carbon fiber tanks? Check out our video here!

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