Pump Game At Hooligan’s Hole On July 3rd!

Hooligan’s Hole is a very popular scenario field in Pueblo, Colorado. While it is small and its size limits it from holding larger scenarios, it never disappoints because the action is fast and the firefights are intense. On this fantastic 4th of July weekend they are holding a pump/pistol/limited paint game on the 3rd. Hooligan’s Hole is one of our favorite fields in Colorado; we have never been disappointed by the games that have been hosted at the Hole, our favorite being the Call Of Duty scenario on July 17th, 2010.  If you do not know what a pump/pistol/limited paint game entails, you can use any marker as long as you do not have an electronic hopper and you can carry no more than 200 rounds, but they highly encourage pump markers! HPA and CO2 are more than likely going to be available at the field. If you are in Colorado and would like to have a great day of paintball before celebrating the 4th, we highly encourage you to come down and play! The Hustle Paintball Factory Team: Anomaly will be there and they hope to see you there as well! If you need directions to the field or have any other questions, call us at (877)-298-8188.

Ethan Hall at Hooligan's Hole



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