Properly Cleaning the Magazine of Your ZetaMag

zetamag magazine cleaning image

Have you ever broken paint while firing out of your ZetaMag? It’s heartbreaking, isn’t it? Nobody wants to deal with that – especially if you break paint in your magazine. It’s a terrible time – regardless if the paint in question is high or low quality. When it comes to cleaning your ZetaMag’s magazine, you need to have a game plan. The first place to start? Your kitchen sink.

Turn on the hot water of your kitchen sink (or bathroom sink – whichever spot is best for cleaning your ZetaMag). Wait a few moments and wait for the water to get quite hot – we want steam to be shooting out of the stream from your sink’s faucet. Once the water is hot enough (but not so hot you scorch your hands), run the water all over the outside and inside of the magazine. Ensure every area of the magazine is soaked, then shake it for about thirty seconds.

Continue this process until the magazine is completely clean, without a single trace of paint to be found.

We know what you’re thinking: the metal parts in the magazine are going to rust by rinsing it out with water, meaning it will be worthless in no time. Don’t fret friends: stainless screws and springs encompass the magazine, so you won’t be harming it by using this method! Shake off the water, let it dry naturally for about 30 minutes maximum, and your magazine will be ready to rock once again!

To summarize:

  • Turn on the hot water of your kitchen sink.
    • Ensure the water is steaming.
    • Run the water all over the magazine.
      • Ensure every area of your magazine is soaked.
      • Shake the magazine for about thirty seconds.
      • Repeat until every trace of paint is gone.
      • Allow it to dry for 30 minutes tops.
      • Profit!

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