Preview: Tiberius Arms T15

tiberius arms t15 image

Have you been interested in the new Tiberius Arms T15 MagFed paintball marker? If so, let us fill you in on what makes this marker so unique for MagFed players. Check out our preview from late last year, and decide for yourself if you the T15 is right for you.

The marker holds 19 first-strike rounds with 20 regular rounds. It’s certainly easy to load, shoots smoothly, is very quiet, and the best part? This marker is TINY! Packing quite the punch despite its small size, this is a MagFed marker that is quite versatile. Word has it that players can get 180 shots per 13ci (i.e. nine full magazines), and if this is true, it’s certainly going to be the impressive marker.

Featuring a true 1:1 scale AR body consisting of rugged yet lightweight aluminum that will certainly be able to withstand any condition you put it through, the T15 will feature an aluminum quad rail handguard, allowing you to mount various types of accessories that you could need. Also featuring an adjustable air in stock for absolute realism and maneuverability, the T15 features a 2-pin quick disassembly will ensure cleaning and maintaining the marker is simple.

Moreover, the T15 offers a functional charging handle. Compatible with Tiberius Arms’ newest magazines, the T15 will also ship with an adapter that makes it a snap to switch from hopper fed to magazine on the fly.

If you want to see the T15 in action, check out our video here. Check out the overview with Tiberius Arms at Paintball Extravaganza 2014 here. Of course, if you want to pre-order the upcoming marker, visit our T15 page here and pre-order it today!

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