Preview: HK Paintball’s Epic 2014

hk klr image

“The HK’s are coming, the HK’s are coming!”

That’s what you are going to be saying by the end of this post. Whereas the American colonists heard the variant of this phrase from the legendary Paul Revere during the beginning days of the American Revolution (“the British are coming, the British are coming,” for those unfamiliar with U.S. history) and as a result began to fear for their lives, you are going to be fearing for your wallet when you see what HK has in store for 2014 – British or not! Here is what HK has lined up for us in the coming year.

First up, the KLRs are finally here – but if you looked at our website, you would already know that. At any rate, the new KLR thermal mask from HK offers a lot of great options while being very lightweight, colorful, and a joy to wear. It’s one of the most exciting masks we saw at Paintball Extravaganza 2014, and is worth a consideration.

HK has also announced their new tank butt system. Nice and packing a heck of a grip, HKs new tank butts will come in the following colors:

  • Purple and green
  • Gray and purple
  • Dark blue and gray
  • Gray and light blue
  • Black and grey
  • Red and black
  • Black and green
  • Gray and yellow

Let’s not forget HKs new paint that shall be shipping soon! Awesome nice shell with extremely bright fill, it is going to pay to play with HKs newest paintballs. Interestingly enough, this paint actually smells really good. We’re not saying you won’t be applying this paint to yourself before you go on a big date, but we’re not saying that either.

In the end, HK has some exciting new products releasing in 2014, and some of its best are already gearing up for a release in the coming months. If you want some awesome paintball products courtesy of HK that are certainly worth your time, check us out at Hustle Paintball today, and allow us to provide you with your HK fix!

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