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alien paintball deception image

We had the pleasure of looking at Alien Paintball’s new Alien Deception marker at Paintball Extravaganza 2014, and thus far, it is looking quite impressive. Complete with a green alien head near the bottom of the marker’s grip, Alien’s Deception marker looks futuristic, bold, and dare we say – out of this world (no pun inten….okay, it was totally intended). So what’s new about Deception? Here’s what we learned.

As you may already know, the rammers in most markers range between an ounce – an ounce and a quarter. This hasn’t traditionally been a big deal – until now. The Deception’s rammer is completely aluminum and approximately .2 ounces, and mark our words: this is going to be the new standard for future rammers.

With a new rammer, a new cupseal is obviously in order. The Deception’s new cupseal looks like a spool, and as it closes, the O-Ring gets compressed by the air that is exhausting so it does not cut. The air on both sides of the O-Ring are the same, so it has zero bias whatsoever. Thus, the Deception’s new morph valve which Alien Paintball is calling a ‘spopit’ (popit + spool = ‘spopit’) has the overall efficiency of a popit while being as quiet as a spool. Awesome, awesome stuff indeed.

Alien Paintball’s upcoming marker will be sold in two editions: a $1095 ‘premium marker’ and an $899 ‘value marker’:

$1095 premium marker:

  • Four body colors.Four inserts.
    • Players get to choose the colors via AP’s rendering software.
    • Five accent colors.
  • OLED board.
    • No confusing menu to be found.
  • 14-inch carbon fiber barrel.1oz of ‘Alien Slime’ lubricant.
    • Accepts freak inserts.
  • A dazzling case
  • Unannounced ‘perks.’

$899 value marker:

  • Ships with an LED board.
  • Alien gun wrap.
  • 2-piece barrel.
  • Only available in dust black.

As you can see, if you want to get the most out of this marker, you need to seriously consider opting for the premium edition. While the value marker is the same basic gun (save for a few downgrades here and there), for a little under $200 more, you get awesome perks that are more than worth the price of admission.

Deception will release sometime this year, so keep your eyes peeled at Hustle Paintball to learn more about this exciting new marker!

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