Playing Tight – Tricks for your Paintball Game

playing tight 2

When “playing tight” in paintball, you are essentially attempting to make yourself as small as possible.  To do this, you want to be constantly moving, but keeping your marker, arms legs and body in as close as possible.  Below are some tips and tricks to help you play tight when you are on the field next time.

  • Keep your arms in as close to your body as possible.  Do this during every situation you are put in, even while running across the field.  This includes your elbows.
  • Do some head checking.  This is done by quickly peeking, similar to playing the childhood game “hide and seek”.  You only want to expose your eyes and not your whole face.
  • Keep your marker out of broad daylight when you are shooting at the opposing team.  One of the rules in paintball is when your marker is hit; you are eliminated, so avoid this at all costs.
  • Make yourself be a small target.  Practice this by keeping low to the ground even when you leave a bunker.  Always keep everything in close to your body.
  • Attack close enemies.  Quick shots are a must if the enemy is close by.  The closer you are to the enemy, the more of a larger target you become.  So decide fast and knock them out before they eliminate you.
  • Be unpredictable.  Try not to settle into any habits, like coming out of the same place at a certain speed.  Mix it up so the enemy never knows what to expect from you.  This gives you a longer chance for survival.

Take some of these tips to the field and you will effectively be “playing tight”.  Practice up, and bring your experience to the table.  Instinct is also a great thing to follow while you are playing – always following your gut, but playing smart.playing-tight

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