Paintball Workouts: Take Your Game to The Next Level

Want a way to take your game to the next level? Something you can do to improve in the off season? Before you think about upgrading your gear, purchasing a new paintball gun, or investing in the latest expensive product, upgrade your body. Put some time and effort into making yourself a better player through exercise.

The 2014 PSP season just kicked off and we can’t help but notice how fit some of these teams are. If you haven’t checked out this awesome video from SpantastikMedia take a look:

Fitness is a big key to getting to the next level.

Believe me, we would LOVE it if you purchased more gear to get better. After all, we run a business selling equipment. The honest reality is that the best investment you can make in being a better player—especially after you have the essentials covered—is in yourself and your level of fitness. With improved stamina, strength, and agility you can outrun, outgun, and outflank the competition. Better yet, when the opposing team is gassed you will still be strong and capable of communicating with your teammates. Completely focused on the game objective instead of struggling for breath.

Here are a few simple paintball workouts that will improve your game.

1. Agility Drills

Speed and explosiveness are the key. You need to have the ability to cut, decelerate, rapidly switch direction and explode to full speed running in less than a few seconds.

The easiest way to improve your agility and explosive power is through agility ladder exercises. Here is a quick video with some agility ladder drills.

2. Sprint Workouts

As you get closer to the competitive season, you’ll want to start working on your speed and sprint training. There are a few effective method of developing speed. You’ll want to practice getting to maximum speed and cutting as fast as possible. Shuttle runs are great for this. Run between two lines that are 30-50 yards apart. Practice getting to full speed, stopping quickly, turning around as fast as possible and accelerating to top speed to the opposite line. You will want to do several sets of 5-6 runs with plenty of rest between each.

Hill sprinting is ideal for developing powerful speed. Pick a hill that is steep and at least 50-60 yards long. Run up the hill as fast as possible with an explosive bounding stride. Walk back down and rest for 1-2 minutes. Repeating 6-10 hill runs three times each week will drastically improve your sprinting ability. If you don’t have access to a hill you can also use stairs at a stadium.

3. Core Strength

All of your body’s power is funneled through your core. High core strength guarantees that you remain stable and agile on the paintball field. Incorporate an abdominal strengthen regimen into your daily routine if you want to see gains on the paintball field. Perform crunches, but also pay attention to strengthening your hip flexors and back.

Leg lifts are a simple and effective hip flexor exercise. Lay on your side with your elbow supporting your body. Lift your body off the ground and raise one of your legs. Repeat 8-10 times per side.

Strong hip flexors reduce your changes of injury and improve your ability to cut quickly from side to side.

Put Some Effort In

You’re really only limited by your imagination when it comes to paintball workouts. The best workouts are specific to the demands of the sport. Additional cardio is always helpful to improve your stamina. Your main focus should be on developing speed, strength, and general quickness.

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