Paintball Sucks

Around 2003, in what was described as a “fit of Inspiration”, Ethan came up with one of my favorite phrases, “Paintball Sucks”. I bought that shirt when I first came into Hustle and ever since it has never ceased to humor me. However no one has really been able to define it, despite it being on our team jerseys for quite some time, so here goes.

It’s pouring rain, your friends are hidden around you in the mud and brush and just as those guys with red arm bands walk into range, your mask fogs up. Thirty seconds later you are walking back to the dead box, laughing your ass off with the rest of your failed ambush squad… Paintball Sucks. It’s a gorgeous Saturday in April, you have a game tomorrow and you know your prized Karnivor isn’t working right. As you get settled to start working on it, your phone rings and it’s that girl you have a thing for, she wants to go out tonight… Paintball Sucks. It’s the final match of the day, you are exhausted, so hot you are shivering with heatstroke in the August sun, one foot on the gate and you hear “TEN SECONDS”. The longest ten seconds of the day and despite everything there is no place you would rather be right now… Paintball Sucks.

So where does that bring us, well they say we love people for their flaws and I can’t say that hobbies are any different. Maybe I am just funny like that, that it’s the times I felt as if I had survived something that make me love the game. It’s part rallying cry and part inside joke, a feeling every paintballer understands on some level. So where am I going with this? After all it isn’t as if people are going to stop asking me what it means and why we have it on our jerseys. Maybe I just wrote this to crystallize what the phrase is about in my own head.

Whatever, Paintball Sucks, and may that never change, til the day I die.


2 thoughts on “Paintball Sucks

  1. PAINTBALL SUCKS…one of the few paintball shirts I have! Paintball sucks even more when you can not play :(

  2. That is some real love and passion for the game. Its great for a team to have something like that to bring them together in there own way.

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