Paintball Stocking Stuffers for Christmas 2013


Since Christmas is right around the corner, it is time that you start thinking about stocking up on some stocking stuffers for your favorite paintball guy or girl.  Here we have a list of some of our favorite stocking stuffer gifts that are a must for Christmas 2013.  Be sure to order within the next few days to ensure proper shipping time for December 25th.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Hustle Paintball!

Some of our top stocking stuffers from Hustle Paintball:

  • Some extra O-Rings – Every avid paintball player could use an extra pack of o-rings for those just incase type moments.  Guerrilla Air Cobra Coil O-Rings are great, or
    Trinity 20oz CO2 Tank Cover in Camo

    Trinity 20oz CO2 Tank Cover in Camo

    check out the Hustle Paintball O-Ring Rebuild Kit for $5.99.

  • All paintball players want to protect their CO2 tanks from getting scratched.  The Trinity 20oz CO2 Tank Cover would roll up great to fit in your stocking!  Not to mention, it comes in a Camo print and is under $10.  A great gift!
  • While playing on the field, it is always wise to bring an extra round of paintballs to refill your gun.  But without proper storage, paintballs can become hard to manage just hanging out in your pockets.  So why not gift a pod, similar to Empire Paintball’s 100 Round Tube.  These fit great in any vest pocket and hold 100 paintballs for refill during play!  At the price of $1.99 each, these are an essential and practical gift for anybody.
  • Exalt Paintball Barrel Maid Swab/Squeegee Combo

    Exalt Paintball Barrel Maid Swab/Squeegee Combo

    Cleaning your barrel is obviously a must – paint gets everywhere!  We have the perfect stocking stuffer for you, a squeegee!  At our online store, we have several to choose from.  Definitely check out Exalt Paintball’s Barrel Maid and Bomb Swab Super Deluxe Sheepskin Battleswabs!

  • Who couldn’t use an extra lens for their paintball mask?  At Hustle Paintball, we have all the different types of lenses you could ever want – from thermal, to anti-fog and all the colors of the rainbow!  Click here to visit the lens section of our store.
  • Every paintball player wants his or her marker to work at its best.  With the Tippmann Certified Marker Oil, their marker will work better than ever!  This oil is designed to be used with all blow back markers including 98 Custom, A-5, U.S. Army, TPN, SL68-II, and X7 (non-Phenom).
  • Get the Hater Marmalade Hi-Grade Lubricate Jar – A lubricant specifically designed for inline regulators and spool valve guns without a LPR (eg:Shocker). MARMALADE is 100 percent synthetic and is not meant to compete with and/or replace Hater Sauce. MARMALADE will never harden or soften and is truly a “apply and forget” lubricant.
  • Who doesn’t love some cool stickers?  These can be applied to any marker, maybe a portable laptop, as a bumper sticker, whatever!  The PB Fashion HK Army Sticker Pack comes with Classic HK Army Vinyl Sticker Pack. Includes 2 Small Skulls, 2 Medium Skulls, 1 H, 1 Grenade and 1 I Heart Beer.  Plus, it’s only 5 bucks!
  • Head wraps are a major part of paintball apparel.  They help to keep your helmet from slipping and just look awesome while wearing them!  Browser through our head wraps and hats by visiting our Casual Paintball Headwear section of our site.
  • If you have a serious paintballer on your hands, then you have to get him or her these
    The Valken Impact Gloves

    The Valken Impact Gloves

    Valken Impact 2 Finger Gloves.  These gloves allow for the best protection and include gel slide pads on the palms!  The material is also very breathable and cuts out any sweating.  These are a must get, might we say!

So these are some of our stocking stuffer ideas for you guys out there pondering on what to get the paintballers in your family.  Honestly, you just can’t go wrong with anything from Hustle Paintball, but any of the above, they will appreciate!  We hope you have a safe Christmas and don’t forget to order soon, so that we can have your presents on your doorstep before the big day.

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