Paintball on the 4th

We have scenarios reenacting historic battles from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and more recently from the operations in Iraq and Afghanistan; but one scenario that I have never heard of or seen been done is one surrounding the day of our nation’s birth. I think that there could be a really cool scenario behind it. You could run espionage missions, there could be night games, you could even put a sci-fi theme behind it. The game doesn’t even need to be limited to ground forces; as we all learned in school the navy was a very important aspect in the revolution, we could even have “naval” battles! I have a feeling that some of you great story tellers could take this historical event and run with it to make one of the coolest scenarios out there.

There is no end to the missions that you could run with this theme; you could have your players raid a trade ship for its tea to be used to barter with, attack an Indian out post to use as a future fort, attack and defend naval ports, ambush enemy troops/trade routes, steal the enemy’s ale (or holding meetings at taverns which there could be a potential espionage mission involved), “burn” stables, anything you can think of! I think that this could be run as a pump/limited paint scenario, just in order to keep the battles as accurate to the time period as possible. If you were to run this scenario as if it were 1775 a cool spin you could put on it that a lot of other scenarios don’t have is, no communication via radio. In order to talk to your commanders/general you would have to implement “runners”.  A “runner” is someone who does just that, runs. They would run from your position back to the commander to relay progress of the battle, the commander/general would give them orders and they would have to run back to their previous position. This would make the scenario more interesting because the info you could give/receive could be different and insufficient for the fight at hand.

What are some of your thoughts? What other kinds of missions could be run? Should full auto be allowed in this scenario? Should there be camo or just the famous red and blue uniforms of the British and Continental soldiers? We want to know what you think!                                                                                                                                  ~ Josh

Should engagements be fought in a line?

2 thoughts on “Paintball on the 4th

  1. It would have to be somewhere in the woods, with decent clearings.

    I don’t know about burning stables, but it gets me hot and bothered thinking about a scenario game patterned after the Battle of Yorktown.

    It would be awesome. We’d have the American/French forces on one side, English on the other, there’d be redoubts and everything cool. It’d be a logistical nightmare getting everybody to wear a period costume, but a simple thing like red and blue shirts would do fine.

    In this age of 20+bps and mechanical loaders, we have to try extra hard to keep the battles somewhat realistic. I propose limited paint times twelve; everybody gets two ten-round tubes to keep in their pockets and from them they must manually load each ball. To make the time consuming aspect of it more realistic I thought of perhaps requiring everyone to reload by unscrewing their barrel, popping in a ball, and then screwing it back on, but there’d be too many cheaters.

    Definitely have battles fought in line. Just have a line of guys face each other, take turns firing, move up, rinse, and repeat. This would probably work pretty well since paintball markers are as accurate or less as the muskets of the day.

    There would still be room for more tactical/guerilla style play. Perhaps one game type (Yorktown being one all-out brawl) could be a buttload of English players trying to get from point A to B, and have a handful of American players follow them and pick them off. Kinda like a mobile Alamo game.

    Just my thoughts for now.

  2. I agree! I even thought about having it be something like how people think that the aliens helped build the pyramids; the aliens helped in the Revolution!! This would allow for increased rates of fire and add a cool spin to the American Revolution.

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