Paintball Masks: Form or Function?

Aside from your marker, paintball masks are by far the most important piece of equipment that you will own. I have seen people wear masks merely for the look of them, not the feel. It could have been the most uncomfortable mask manufactured, but they will continue to wear it day after day because they like the way that it makes them look. I, myself, have always preferred the masks that offer the highest amount of protection and comfort, even if that means sacrificing some style points. Over the years I have tried some other masks, but I seem to keep coming back to  the  JT ProFlexes. In my opinion they are the most comfortable mask as their foam is the softest and fits snugly around my face and does not bounce around while I run. The bottom portion of the ProFlexes also sit far enough away from my face and has enough venting that it doesn’t feel like I am yelling in a box and I can breath easily.

Another cool aspect  to the ProFlex goggle system is that the bottoms can be removed from the frames. This allows for the masks to be customized. You can have a different colored frame and a different colored bottom and have a really cool looking mask. So if you are one of those players who likes to have the coolest or most customized gear, this mask is for you!

While the ProFlex is an older goggle system, it is a mask that has stood the trial of time and is still one of the most popular masks in the industry and is still worn by pro teams. The ProFlex shows no sign of going away. The ProFlex has succeeded where other, even newer, goggle systems have failed and I think that it will continue to do so. This goggle system does not disappoint and those who wear it will tell you over and over how much they love them. If you are looking at getting a new mask, I highly recommend the JT ProFlex. Checkout’s review of the ProFlex here.

These players love the comfort of the ProFlex

Black JT ProFlex


2 thoughts on “Paintball Masks: Form or Function?

  1. I done broke down and got myself a proflex. I don’t care in the slightest bit what my mask looks like, since the only part of it I see is the translucent lens in front of me.

    I love my current mask, but I’m getting annoyed that the company (which shall go nameless, but makes the I4’s) refuses to answer my emails and phone calls about the lens constantly falling out.

    I bought some I3 ears though for my new proflex. I’m certain the stock ears will rip out the third time I put them on, and I don’t like hard ears.

  2. The i3 ear mod has been around for a while and works fantastically! I am glad you love the ProFlex as much as we do!

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