Paintball Mask Lens Tinting Tips

This is an older video, but has some pretty good information in it if you are wondering about what level of tinting you need or want for your lens.  There are plenty of different tints available – amber, smoke, clear, reflective, and more! We help you choose which one(s) you need to have in your gear bag, and what situations they are good for.  We show examples and explain the pros and cons.

On our website, you can find plenty of options when it comes to finding the level of tinting you desire for your paintball mask lens.

Here are some great choices to get you started on your search:

The Dye i4 Lens in Thermal

dye precision i4 lens









The Sly Profit Thermal Lens in Clear

sly profit thermal lens in clear

The Sly Profit lens is a major part of what makes Profit such an amazing mask. With a revolutionary new gasket between the thermal lenses developed by 3M ensuring that no paint or humidity will get between them, you will never have to worry about ruining your lens again. With 270 degree horizontal and 160 vertical vison your field of view is large and clear. The mirrored gradient lenses are an industry first. All profit lenses are UV and IR resistant as well as ASTM certified.


  • New thermal lens fusion system developed by 3M preventing humidity and paint inside the lens
  • 270 Degree horizontal vision
  • 160 Degree vertical vision
  • UV and IR resistant
  • ASTM Certified

Proto Paintball Switch Lens in Smoke


The Proto Switch goggle system offers some of the premiere lenses in the paintball industry. With a variety of styles and colors available, you will never have a problem finding the best lens for your playing conditions. The tirodial lens gives the ultimate in vertical and horizontal peripheral vision. All lenses have perfect optical clarity and all Switch lenses provide 98% UV protection, insuring you have the best in performance from the first name in paintball.



  • Gives the player the ultimate vertical and horizontal peripheral vision. All Proto lenses have perfect optical clarity setting an improved standard in visual performance.

proto switch lens

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