Paintball Chest and Back Protection


Protecting yourself in paintball is important to keep from getting hurt.  Bruises and welts are pretty common when shot at, especially if you do not protect yourself properly.  In this video we discuss and review the two pieces that you will need for your paintball wardrobe.

gen x global chest protector paintballThis inexpensive piece of protective gear from Gen X Global is great for younger and newer players, as well as anyone who doesn’t want to sport a nice series of welts after each day of paintball. We take a closer look at the construction, we talk about the fit, and you’ll even see the president of get shot in the chest (twice!) at close range, just to see if it’s any good.

The Gen X Chest and Back Protectors

The Gen X Global chest and back protector easily fits under any shirt or coat, and it easily fits into your budget as well! Perfect for the protective parent or those of you who are just tired of having paintball welts all over your torso.


  • Durable Foam and Nylon construction – Comfortable, flexible design allows your body to ventilate so you don’t overheat
  • Fully adjustable – Fits most sizes and shapes of paintball players
  • Chest and back protection – Protect yourself from paintball hits on just about every side
  • Available in Black and Camo – Fits any situation

gen x global chest protector camo

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