Review: Violent Series Trigger (Plus, Installation!)

violent series trigger

As we’ve covered before, double triggers are some of the first upgrades you should do for your marker. They’re simple to do, give you a host of ways to pump up your rate of fire, and, by spreading the trigger pull across two fingers, make it that much easier to get off quick snap shots. Of course, if the trigger feels bad in your hands, you may be put off by the whole concept. This is a shame, but more importantly, it doesn’t have to be; the guys at Violent Series have a whole line of double triggers, each with slightly different shapes, designed to fit different hands and make shooting your marker as comfortable as possible. If you want to watch the video, it’s right here.

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Installation: Virtue Vio Extend Visor and Fan

virtue vio

If you are fortunate enough to own a set of Virtue Vio Thermal Paintball Goggles, you already know exactly how comfortable this mask really is. With a design that’s perfect for both protecting your face and keeping it comfortable, as well as a mask that comes in a huge variety of color combinations, this is quite possibly the best mask you’ll forget you’re wearing on the paintball field. If that wasn’t enough, the guys at Virtue Paintball decided that, yes, you can improve on a good thing, releasing a set of aftermarket additions to your mask designed to make your mask even more comfortable. You can watch the video here, but if you read on, we’re going to break down some of their best new stuff and get you links to each piece, as well as how to install them.

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Tier Your Gear: Advanced

Empire E-Flex Goggle - Limited Edition - Skull

Let’s face it: at the intermediate level, you’re simply awesome. You push your gear to the limit, you’re confident maintaining every piece you own, and you spend as much time planning your strategy and staying in shape as you do playing the game. You may even be on a paintball team, competing for cash and sponsorships. You’re a tournament-grade player who needs the very best gear customized to your play style, and price is no longer an object.

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Tier Your Gear: Intermediate

Gen X Global Chest Protector image

You’re a seasoned player, so you (think) you know how all of this stuff works.. If it breaks, you can fix it. If it’s slow, you have an idea of how to improve it. While you may not be at a tournament level, you’ve got a decent amount of skill, a fast reaction time, and you don’t have to work against your gear to score hits. At this point, you’re going to be doing more upgrading than purchasing, but there still are a few pieces that you can really benefit from adding to your arsenal.

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Tier Your Gear: Beginner

virtue vio contour

If you’re just starting paintball, you’re gonna get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff you can get when you first step onto the field. Because you’re going to (obviously) want it all, you won’t be able to afford everything you want. Fortunately, in this three part review, we’ve tiered out all the gear you should get for your skill level.

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The Hustle Reload #104

hustle reload 104

Once again, we’ve got a brand new episode of your favorite behind-the-scenes paintball show, The Reload, from your favorite paintball guys, the team at Hustle Paintball. Today, we’ve got a real treat for you in the form of our brand new Havoc Launchers, back in stock and ready to sell. Of course, it wouldn’t be as fun if we just told you, so we’ve made sure that we’ve got a good show to make it interesting. People could probably get hurt, so this might be the last time you see some of your favorite Hustle Paintball employees (heck, anything can happen). You should probably watch this one here.

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Poor Paintball Habits


Just like any sport, paintball has its share of people who, whether they mean to or not, are actively making the game less enjoyable for everyone else. While in most cases, this is an awful lot like the “defining pornography” debate (“I shall not attempt to define it, but I know it when I see it—Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart, paraphrased), there are a few solid types of behavior that are just marks of a bad paintball player. If you find yourself doing any of these things, it’s a good idea to take a step back and correct yourself; whether it’s an accident or not, it’s still bad form that might be making you less fun to play with.

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Spice Up Your Game With These Paintball Variants

paintball player

After a certain point, you may find yourself growing a bit bored with your standard paintball games and scenarios. Sure, paintball is a fun game, but after a while, all the team-on-team shootouts start to feel kind of similar. Fortunately, pickup paintball is pretty fluid on the rules and offers a lot to anyone who wants to try something new. Whether you want to make a big change or a small one, mixing your game up a bit can keep you entertained for much longer, and also keep you learning new things about your paintball style. Here, we’ve got a list of some absolutely unique types of paintball game that you can try the next time you and your team are out of ideas.

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Managing Your Paintball Gear

First Strike Image

One of the great things about paintball is the fact that, unlike other sports, you can really load yourself up with huge varieties of fancy equipment, all designed to give you a situational edge. You can specialize, you can generalize, you can set up your market to fire exactly the way you want, and you can anodize it to give you a distinct style. Of course, the same thing that makes this sport so cool can really work against you if you’re not careful; with the huge variety of aftermarket pieces and instructional know-how on the internet, it’s incredibly easy to spend a lot of money on cheap pieces you don’t understand and don’t work. Whether you’re a novice or a veteran paintball player, here are a few solid rules of thumb to make sure your gear doesn’t get in the way of your game.

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The Reload #103 (Finally More Dalmations!)

office sriracha

For one of the first videos of 2015, we’re gonna go behind the scenes of some of our recent videos, namely the Etek 5. Also, there’s desk building! Odd twerking! Nut Punching! A call for videographer capes! And that’s just in the first two minutes! If you want to get into the funny side of Hustle Paintball, you can watch this video, and the other one hundred and two Reload videos here. For those of you who want to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into, please read on; it will only prime you for the horror that is to come…

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