Review: Dye Paintball Neck Protector

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Do you feel the need to protect your neck while you play paintball? If you don’t, you should. Nobody likes feeling the sting of a paintball on their neck (or if you’re like me – your neck fat). It hurts, and if you disagree, obviously you’ve never been shot in the neck before. But never mind the neck – what about the throat? Ever been shot in the throat before? Good luck swallowing normally for the rest of the afternoon, because let me tell you – it isn’t fun.

What if there was a way to avoid these risks of paintball altogether and protect your neck? Well, now there is! Enter Dye’s Dye Performance Neck Protector – a neck protector that is comfortable and quite soft. But does it protect your neck? Find out below!

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Quick Tip: Here’s How to Fly With Your Paintball Gear

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We talk a lot on here (and the official Hustle Paintball YouTube channel) about the best paintball gear that money can buy, and occasionally, we discuss how to maintain the paintball gear you take pride in. That’s all well and good (and clearly, important), but we usually skip one of the most vital steps to getting the most out of our favorite sport: how to properly prepare your paintball gear for traveling.

We all go to our favorite courses all the time, so properly preparing to travel with your gear is essential. Why we haven’t discussed this vital topic until now is beyond me, but luckily, we’ve made a video that details how to prepare your gear for travel the right way. Want to learn more? Keep reading to find out!

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Smoke Grenades For Paintball: CGS Smoke Grenades

Looking for paintball smoke grenades?

We’ve got them.

You’ve got a few choices too.

If you are looking for a specific color and about 20,000 cubic feet of smoke, you’ll want to consider the $6.00 Enola Gaye Wire Pull Smoke Grenade. If you want a bunch of them, head over to our website and buy 10 at once—we’ll give you one for free.

Why Do You Need Smoke Grenades For Paintball?

Because of the smoke!

There are a million uses for these things. Set them off for cool photographs and video effects, use them to obstruct view while playing, ad some more sim to your milsim games—just get them and set them off because they are cool!

Want More Smoke?

If you want more smoke than you can handle—70,000 cubic feet of it—you need a CGS Smoke Gernade—or a few.


CGS stands for Coast Guard Surplus. CGS also stands for “the real deal.”

The supply we just got in are perfect for paintball—especially if you like the color orange.


Whatever you do with them, don’t set them off near the water. Orange smoke is a universal maritime distress signal.

A Bunch Of Choices (Really Just One)

The CGS smoke grenades you see on our website come in a variety of forms. There are twist top versions, pop off tops, big and small—they all look different, but they all do the same thing. That’s let off about 70,000 cubic feet of vibrant orange smoke.

Don’t let the different names confuse you. You’ll see different names for each of the CGS grenades on our site. “Eurosul” means it’s an orange smoke grenade. So does “HuaHia” and “red MK8.”


All of them are orange. Don’t like orange? Take a look at the Enola Gaye.

How Do They Work?

Twist or pull the top off and pull the wire inside.

Set them on the ground!

They are classified as “cool burning” which means that they won’t set flammable substances like gasoline fumes on fire. The metal body of the smoke grenades do get warm and they will burn your hand. We don’t recommend trying to hold on to them.

Burn time is about 90 seconds to 2 minutes. When they are finished burning, they are still going to be warm.

They are non-toxic, water resistant, and—most importantly—orange. Very orange.

If you want us to pick which one to send to you, order from our website here. If you want a CGS smoke grenade with a cool name like HuaHia, do a search or click here.

Want to see them in action?

Check out the video below.


Review: Ninja Mini C02 Fill Station

Ninja Mini C02 Fill Station Image

In celebration of the release of Ninja’s 77cu SL tank, it seems proper to provide you guys with a quick review of Ninja’s Mini C02 Fill Station. A ridiculously easy setup to use, this fill station will ensure that you are ready to get back into the game sooner rather than later. Is it worth your time? Let’s find out!

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Ninja’s 77cu SL Tank is Available Now!

ninja paintball logo image

The Ninja 77cu SL tank is available now!

Something legendary just happened today – something borderline miraculous. What’s the news? Oh, it’s only the announcement of today’s launch of Ninja’s 77cu SL tank! That’s right, folks – today. Now. Right now! The latest iteration in the ‘Super Lite’ brand, the Ninja 77cu SL is Ninja’s latest effort in ensuring that when you play paintball, you don’t have to worry about lugging around a heavy tank that’s only going to get in the way, decrease the effectiveness of your game, and generally feel uncomfortable. Everyone wants a lighter tank (and thus, a lighter marker), and the new 77cu SL is going to make it happen. Less fatigue, the ability to perform better ‘snap shots,’ and again, a more comfortable feel when playing, the 77cu SL needs to be in your life.

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Dye Box Rotor Review

Dye has finally done it!

If you have the Dye Assault Matrix you need to buy the Dye Box Rotor right now. Take a look at if on our website right now, or read this review, watch our review video and take a look later. It’s a little pricy at around $400—but you’ve already purchased the DAM and you really need this kind of capacity.

It’s a mag fed gamechanger.

Want to skip to the video review? Check it out below.

You get a 325 round capacity and a bulky looking addition that screams M249. It looks cool and you might think that it would get in the way. It is huge—almost twice the size of a regular rotor.

In reality, once it is on the DAM, you really don’t notice the Dye Box Rotor’s size. It isn’t particularly heavy or cumbersome. We definitely thought it might be.

One of the huge advantages—beyond the 325 round capacity—is that the Box Rotor’s size does not add to your profile at all. Your shoulders aren’t going to extend past the box on either size and you don’t need to have a hopper to have a ton of paint accessible.


Without hopper bulk, the Box Rotor opens up possibilities for custom optics and attachments that you just can’t have with a hopper design. It will really bring a new approach to mag fed paintball.

Included Accessories

Unless you get a Dye Assault Matrix that shipped very recently, there is a good chance that you need a new RF chip to make the Box Rotor work. That’s why Dye is shipping it with a new board for your DAM.

If you can’t figure out board issues for any reason or if you order a Box Rotor and it doesn’t have a new board for your DAM, you can give DYE a call and they will help you out. Eventually, these will ship without new boards.

There is also an upgraded bolt system that comes with the Dye Box Rotor. It adds functionality with first strike rounds. You can use the outside cam of an ironman bolt if you already upgraded, as the functionality is only added by a tip redesign that flares the tip out.

Instead of AA batteries, the Box Rotor uses a 1600mAh lithium battery and charger. You’ll have to make sure to keep it charged with the included wall brick and USB-style charger.

Is It Worth It?

The Box Rotor is completely worth it if you have a DAM or if you plan to get one.

There are several small features that really impress. A spring articulated loading system, for instance, helps improve tactical reloads by closing the Box Rotor off when it is removed from the marker. This presents paint spillage.

The Box Rotor is easily serviceable and disassembled. The internals are almost identical to the standard rotor and fairly straight forward. If you want a complete look at the inside, check out our video on YouTube.

Yes. You A Dye Box Rotor

If you already have a DAM, your gear budget is about to be blown.

Head over to our website and check out the Dye Box Rotor.

If you need more capacity and still want to maintain a tactical low profile that is compatible with milspec optics and style, this is your ticket.

If you need to think more about it or just want to see the specs, check out the manual below…



In-Depth: Tippmann X7 Phenom Electro-Pneumatic Marker (Assault Edition)

Tippmann X7 Phenom Image

As if the Tippmann X7 Phenom couldn’t get any better (and believe us, it’s awesome in its own right), Tippmann also has another edition of the X7 Phenom that is even better. Known as the ‘Assault Edition,’ this version of the X7 Phenom gives you more bang for your buck at a slightly higher price. It’s worthy of your time, so let’s take a look at it and see everything that you get in this sweet special edition.

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Empire BT D*Fender Paintball Marker

The Empire Paintball D*Fender looks more like a work of abstract art than a paintball marker. With futuristic style cues and tons of customization options, the D*Fender appears to be designed for a certain demographic of player that is deeply concerned about the way their marker looks and feels.


The best design inspiration I can think of are bullpup design military-style guns recently made popular by certain video franchise video games released by EA and YouTube superstars. Anyway, it looks like the D*Fender is designed with a certain type of video game ascetic in mind. It just looks “different” and that’s alright.

It might be a cool paintball gun to use for milsim paintball, provided that no one minds the internal Z2 loading that can hold a heck of a lot more paint than a magazine fed marker.

The styling and internal loader are two of the most unique features of the Empire D*Fender. The completely integrated loader is actually helpful—it doesn’t just get you some style points on the field. The bullpup and integrated hopper design help reduce your profile and increase visibility above the marker.

The shell of the D*Fender is magnesium, a high-strength lightweight structure that definitely explains the high price. Overall, the body is sleek and functional. It’s not difficult to reach the marker’s internals, but you aren’t going to want to do it in action.

If you want to see more details on the specifics of the Empire BT D*Fender, check it out on our website here. The price is around $1,300. It’s expensive. Part of what you are paying for is the cool FAMAS-inspired bullpup style. The other part is that it’s made with quality components.

D*Fender Selector Switch Problems

One of the things we’ve noticed with the D*Fender are quality control issues. Specifically, some people are receiving markers with a selector switch that wobbles or does not select all fire modes properly.

The culprit is a bent pin behind the selector switch. It’s not a difficult fix, and you can definitely do it yourself if you already have a D*Fender with selector switch problems.

First, you should take a look behind the selector switch above the trigger guard.


Remove the silver metal pin behind the switch with a pair of needle nose pliers.


If you are having trouble with the switch, there is a good chance that it is bent. The switch should look like a U, with a flat base and two sides that are parallel to each other. A few D*Fender markers shipped from the factory with bent pins.


All you have to do is bend the pin back into a U-shape and put it back. After this quick fix, your D*Fender should be good to go.

That’s it!

Stay on the lookout for more updates, and be sure to subscribe on our YouTube channel. We’re going to have some video reviews up this week.

Review: Lapco Offset Sight Mount for Tippmann A5/ non-Platinum Series 98

lapco offset sight mount

How nice would it be if you were able to mount two accessories to your marker for use during a match? Now, wouldn’t it be nice if you could do this with your Tippmann A5 and/or non-Platinum Series Tippmann 98? Did you say yes to any of these questions? Then do we have the product for you! Read more to find out what it is!

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