In-Depth: All About Remote Coils

psiwork pro-connect III complete remote coil

We’ve all been in the situation where we want a large compressed air tank, but we don’t want to be weighed down. But you can have your cake and eat it too – by way of remote coils! Remote coils are hoses that reach from your tank to your marker (kind of like extension cords), and allow you to mount your tank on your body instead of the marker. In addition, with this setup, your tank is always going to be facing up, so you don’t have to worry about liquid CO2 getting into your marker and messing up your pressure.

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Filling a Tank from a Scuba Tank

guerrilla scuba

At a certain level in your paintball career, you’re going to want to take your game away from pre-made fields and into something of your own design. Particularly for our viewers out in the rural environment (i.e. the wilderness/ the wastelands), you probably already have a nice forested area or an abandoned building that would be perfect for a few scenario games. Now, your regular equipment will do fine if you want to play for a little while maybe once a week, but moving away from pre-made fields has its own disadvantage. after a while your air tanks are going to run dry. If you’ve got a little bit of know-how and a few pieces, you can easily recharge your air tanks with a large Scuba tank and keep right on playing.

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In-Depth: All About Flatline Barrels

tippmann flatline barrel x7

If you really want to get the most possible distance out of your paintball marker, one of the first places you should look into isn’t the pressure or the caliber, but the barrel. For most paintball markers, your stock barrel is going to be something incredibly basic, just a metal tube that helps you direct your paintballs.

Looking at modern firearms, you’ll find that longer-distance rifles have longer barrels. Naturally, the same thing should be true on paintball markers, right? Actually, no. Getting a longer stock barrel won’t work. the only reason this design works on firearms is because they use rifled barrels, and the longer the bullet is in one of these barrels, the more it spins and the straighter it flies. On a stock barrel, it’s just a metal tube, so there’s really not much benefit to a longer tube. The only surefire way to improve your paintball’s distance is with a specialized barrel.

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What is a Response Trigger? Should I Get One?

Tippmann RT

Players often find themselves with an interesting problem when it comes to their markers. Sure turkey, you may want a marker that shoots better than Pecos Bill’s six-shooter (I hear his markers are awesome for speedball) while ensuring the trigger doesn’t stand out and get in the way. Luckily, you can have the best of both worlds by upgrading to a response trigger. We upgraded a Tippmann years ago using the Tippmann Response Trigger Kit. This is one of the easiest ways to give you that speedball performance without getting in the way, so take a look below and learn about what a response trigger is all about, and answer for yourself if you should get one.

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In-Depth: Q Loader 200 Round System

Q Loader

If you’re a serious woodsball or mil-sim paintball player, chances are you’ve seen or heard about the Q Loader system, a spring-loaded hopper substitute designed to up your rate of fire and virtually eliminate chopped paintballs. This great alternative to gravity and electronic hoppers can be bought as standard equipment on such popular mil-sim markers as the Project Salvo, the Tippmann A-5, and the X-7 Phenom, or you can simply buy a conversion kit to use Q Loader pods. However, this system, while effective, has a bit of a learning curve. if you incorrectly load these pods, they will chop paint pretty badly and might sour you on an otherwise great system. Fortunately, we’re here to explain the basics and avoid a few headaches.

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Overview: DYE DM15


We’ve got another great high-end tournament-grade paintball marker for you guys today, right out of the 2014 World Cup. Straight from the mouth of Billy Wing, the R+D designer over at DYE Paintball, we’re getting a great look at the new DM15, the latest entry in the Dye Matrix line. If you’d like to hear him talk about it personally, we’ve got the video of that right here.

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A Quick Look at Our Efficiency Testing Procedures

efficiency test header

Have you ever wondered how we review our markers? Wonder no more lads, as we’re going to spill the proverbial beans on how we do this. Since we’re going to be talking about a lot of new markers coming out, we think that it’s important that we explain how we review the efficiency of the markers we talk about rather than just telling you what the manufacturers say.

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First Look: UL1 Barrel

UL1 Barrel

We’ve got another great entry in our first-look series for this holiday season, and we at Hustle Paintball were lucky enough to get it right at the PSP 2014 World Cup: the new UL1 Barrel. Another notch in DYE’s great list of hits, these barrels are designed to be as tough as they are accurate. Made from aircraft grade aluminum and anodized all the way through, the UL1 barrel is designed to take both the sudden impact of dropping your marker (tisk tisk) or running into something (slightly better) while remaining light and maneuverable. As an added bonus, your barrel’s threads are anodized as well, meaning they don’t crack or cross-thread when screwing onto your marker, making takedowns, and maintenance is always a cinch.

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Review: Planet Eclipse HD Core Elbow and Knee Pads

planet eclipse hd eblow pads

You might laugh at the idea of wearing elbow and knee pads during a game of paintball as something cumbersome, useless, and a little bit tacky. What you’re missing, however, is all the benefits that a good set of pads can give you on the field. Aside from the most obvious benefit of reducing pain when you get hit, a good set of elbow and knee pads can make sliding and prone shooting on the paintball field that much easier and more comfortable. If you’re looking for a solid set of pads to keep you protected without slowing you down, the HD Core set from Planet Eclipse deserves your attention.

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