Review: Tippmann Mag-Fed Adapter

tippmann 98 mag-fed

If you have been looking to get into mag-fed but you don’t want to have to pay a ton of money to buy a marker specifically for mag-fed play, then boy do we have a hot ware for you! Tippmann has released a mag-fed adapter that makes it possible to convert your regular 98-style paintball marker (including U.S. Army markers with the 98-style feed elbow) into a mag-fed marker, and because it’s Tippmann, you can be rest assured that it delivers.

Installing the Tippmann Mag-Fed Adapter couldn’t be easier: in fact, it only takes a few seconds to install. Simply take your feed elbow off, take your adapter out of the packaging, and just slip it on your 98-style marker. After that, your marker will be a true mag-fed marker!

It uses TPX or TCR-style magazines, and it comes with two 7-ball true feed. It can use the 12-round true feed and the ZetaMag. It’s one of Caleb’s favorite products (and you can see proof in this video here).

Ready to buy? Go here to buy the Mag-Fed Adapter, and if you want a Tippmann 98 while you’re at it? Go here to buy! And happy Mag-Feddin’!

Quick Look: Empire BT Paint Grenades

bt m12

So you need a few paintball grenades, but you don’t want just any paintball grenades. You want grenades that are certain to spray a lot of paint and get at least one opponent out of the match, but with so many choices out there, you have no idea where to start. Which paintball grenade can you depend on to spray that nice, juicy paint and help your mates to win the match?

If our recent video with Caleb is any indication, it’s the Empire BT Paint Grenades. Using game-changing RPS paint fill and featuring incredible marking ability and consistent marking with impact, the Empire BT Paint Grenades will leave a path of pain in excess of 30-feet. Check out the video here, and watch Caleb come atop the roof and reign paintball grenades on Hustle Paintball employees.

Like what you see? Of course you do! Then buy either (or both) the BT M12 and/or the BT M8. Happy grenadin’!

In-Depth: Virtue Products at World Cup 2014


Virtue had a nice showing at World Cup 2014, and they were kind enough to show us some of the new products coming directly to us from Virtue. Keep reading to learn all about what we saw!

First is the new extend goggle. Virtue has made an extended face mask that is a lot softer. It comes off the face a little longer, but is a lot easier to breathe thanks to added ventilation. It will cover a bit more of the face and jaw line, so for you big heads? This is great news!

Additionally, Virtue also has some new loaders. Coming in at a 200 and 260 count, this new loader is completely white, and while that doesn’t sound impressive, believe us: the way this thing looks is pretty awesome.

Finally, the new camo loader (along with other limited edition loaders) will be coming with a 2.5 crown, and besides the camo, the loaders will be available in a few other colors (most notably cyan and graphite).

The best part about it? These products will be available on Hustle Paintball in about a week. Get pumped!

Want to see the products for yourself? Check out our video here!

In-Depth: Exalt Booth at World Cup 2014


Exalt had a lot to show off at this year’s World Cup 2014, and Hustle Paintball was able to get a quick look at what’s on the agenda for the foreseeable future (if you want to see the products for yourself, click here). They have some cool stuff coming out, so let’s get to it!

First up is Exalt’s new pod swab. A nice and long, 100% microfiber that can fit into the pod easily, the pod swab is also removable so you can wash it in your washing machine once it gets too grimy and nasty. It’ll clean your pods in a few strokes, so check it out.

Next, Exalt showed us the old school tree trunk headbands and casual Exalt apparel such as high-quality t-shirts and the like.

And that’s it! Their new pod swab was worth the visit to the booth, as they have become the leader in heavy-duty yet affordable pod cleaners. Don’t worry: once we get some in stock, we’ll test them out for you in a video review!

First Look: Empire Axe Pro

axe pro

The gang at Hustle Paintball have been at World Cup 2014 all week, and they’ve seen some awesome stuff. I’ll be covering some of the sights they’ve seen all week, starting with the first look at the new Empire Axe Pro. Ethan had a chance to look at it (you can see the video here), and wouldn’t you know it: this may just be the first version of the Axe we actually like!

Now, if you’ve been following us for quite some time (and if you haven’t, the best way to follow us is via the official Hustle Paintball YouTube channel), you know that we have been griping about the Empire Axe since its debut. It isn’t that it’s a bad marker by any means, there has simply been better markers in the Axe’s price range.

With the Empire Axe Pro, it looks like that is changing. All of the gripes we had about the Axe has been solved, as Empire has improved the Axe line significantly.

First, the Axe Pro now has accessible eyes. Eye plates are no longer soldered to the board. They’re ribbonized and removable. Moreover, the Axe Pro has a legit two-piece barrel (a driver barrel) that shoots paint fantastically. The ergonomics and the foregrip are also pretty tight, and is a little fatter than the original Axe.

It even has a red light board in there (full OLED controls). Without a doubt, this marker looks like it’s going to give you a sweet ‘bang for your buck.’

The relay has been improved drastically, with a shorter throw and switch meaning it won’t get caught on your gear nearly as easy. The trigger guard also does not extend all the way out to the foregrip, so you can hold it with your thumb and shoot extremely comfortably and easily.

We’re calling it right here, folks: the Empire Axe Pro is an Axe that we love. You’ll want to keep it on your radar, and when it releases? Expect an in-depth review on our YouTube channel.

Review: Blackout Gauges

blackout gauges

Gauges: they make analyzing info on our markers so much easier. Not only are they ideal for seeing how much air you have in your tank (which is the case with most markers nowadays), but they can also be rigged up to ensure that you are able to analyze the amount left in your tank when you are using a remote coil (as see in our video here).Truth is, gauges are so flexible and can be applied in so many ways to your marker, that you should probably have a few on-hand at all times in the event that you do need to use a gauge or two to ensure that you can use your marker easier than ever.

And if you break your stock gauge? Then (in our minds, anyway), there’s no better gauge brand  than Blackout Gauges. Available in 25mm and 19mm directly from our site, they’re the perfect replacement for not only stock gauges that may break, but also any type of tinkering you may choose to do with your marker.

They’re the ideal replacement for any 1/8 NPT port! Ranging from 300-5000 psi, they’re exactly what the gauge doctor ordered, so get yours today!

Preview: Tippmann TiPX Tru-Feed Magazine

TiPX pistol

We’re big fans of all things Tippmann here at Hustle Paintball – especially the TiPX brand! So when we heard that a new add-on was coming for the TiPX brand – a tru-feed magazine for the TiPX, we jumped for joy.

And we didn’t stop jumping. Until we couldn’t (then we just a little more for good measure).

Currently on pre-order (it will arrive sometime early this month), this 12-round magazine will be a much more higher capacity version of the classic 7-round magazines that are the norm for TiPX users.

They’ll also be compatible with Tippmann TCRs as well.

With the ability to be modified to shoot First Strike rounds, extremely durable, and very easy to clean, you need to have this if you use your TiPX regularly.

Stock up! But hurry fast, because we’ll be out of stock soon!

In-Depth: Virtue Vio Contour Thermal Goggle

virtue vio contour

Let’s face it: a paintball mask is better when it’s thermal, right? Those cold, winter nights of playing paintball out in the snow, the heavy breathing while waiting for that perfect shot – it’s made possible by thermal masks. The Virtue Vio Contour Thermal Goggle is such a mask, but is it worth the price of admission? Find out below!

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Review: Exalt Paintball Lens and Mask Cases

exalt lens and mask cases

If you just spent a lot of money on your mask or a few lenses for it, then you need to protect your investment! Think just throwing your lens and/or mask into a duffel bag, tossing it in the back of your Jimmy, and letting it slide around as you do donuts on your local town’s football field is going to suffice? Forgetaboutit! You need protection, and luckily, Exalt delivers. Find out why below!

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