Preview: Lurker Paragon

lurker paragon image

The newest gun from Lurker Paintball, the Lurker Paragon, is shaping up to be one of the most exciting markers we have seen in recent memory. Still in development over at Lurker Paintball, the Paragon will sport a vast array of features that could very well make it the ‘total package’ marker when it launches in the (hopefully) near future. Focusing on the ergonomics of the marker, Lurker PB’s goal with the Paragon is to allow players to hold their marker as tight as possible. Their trick? To make the Paragon as light as possible – and boy is it ever light!

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Review of the C2 Eyon Mask

Everyone is talking about the C2 Eyon. Tiberius Arms acknowledges that the Eyon is strikingly similar to Angel Eyes but insists that this is new mask. They are definitely downplaying the Angel Eyes pedigree. When Tiberius Arms acquired Guerilla Air, the original developers of Angel Eyes approached them with the idea of creating the Eyon. One of the obvious challenges was to improve on the Angel Eyes design—one that many people loved, but was unable to pass ASTM testing.

We got to see the C2 Eyon mask at Paintball Extravaganza 2014 and they are definitely impressive. Let’s take an in-depth look at the C2.

The entire Tiberius Arms C2 lineup is going to focus on close quarters, speedball, and cross over products. Creating a full wrap around view is where they started with the Eyon. When you put the mask on, you definitely get a full unobstructed field of view that is essential for fast-action play.

Cross over products need adaptability. It’s a new trend that we are seeing as different play styles, scenario situations, and rules develop. The C2 Eyon includes an easily removable lens. Taking the lens off is a “snap.” You fold the lens tabs 90 degrees and it slides right out. Lens adaptability and ease make cleaning simple, but also make it easy to switch play styles quickly. Switching lenses between a bright speedball match with a ton of glare potential to a dimly lit woodsball game is a breeze.

We didn’t get the opportunity to fully test the anti-fog properties of the C2 Eyon, but Tiberius Arms claims that they don’t fog up. The full thermal system is designed to ventilate properly and a lens coating helps avert the buildup of distracting moisture.

They are a comfortable set of goggles and completely customizable. One of the features we love is the lack of foam covering the noise bridge. This improves breathing dramatically and also reduces voice muffle that some masks are notorious for. The rest of the foam padding is fully customizable. You can move it around to improve comfort or replace it with a different density foam.

Tiberius says that the C2 Eyon mask is “revolutionary.” We aren’t so sure they are—they strike an uncanny resemblance to Angel Eyes, not to mention the same developers worked on the project. What they do offer is safety that Angel Eyes couldn’t.

The original Angel Eyes could not pass ASTM testing. Working with the developers, Tiberius Arms discovered that the shape, angle, and thickness of the lenses was at fault. As a result, the lens shape toward the back of the lens was altered and thickness was increased. The result is a mask that can pass ASTM testing.

We are excited about the C2 Eyon mask. They offer improved safety, excellent comfort, and the adaptability needed in today’s fast-moving paintball world. With so much talk surrounding the C2 Eyon and their similarity to Angel Eyes, orders should come in fast. Be sure to check out our ongoing pre-order.

First Look at the Tippmann Mag Fed Conversion Kit

We got to check out two exciting new Tippmann products at the 2014 Paintball Extravaganza. The first was Tippmann’s latest mag fed marker, the Tippmann TCR. The other was the Tippmann 98 Custom Mag Fed Conversion Kit which turns the classic Model 98 Custom into a mag fed marker with a 7, 12, or 20 ball magazine capacity. Check out our video where Kevin explains the adapter’s features.

Other manufacturers have made off-brand Tippmann conversion kits that are similar. This one is the real deal—guaranteed to be 100% compatible with all 98 custom, US Army, and TPN markers that utilize the 98 quick-release feed elbow. The conversion kit will ship with two 7-ball Tru-Feed magazines. Tru-feed 12-ball extended magazines and the 20-round Zetamag will also fit the adapter.

You don’t need to make any permanent marker modifications. The Tippmann conversion kit is designed to use the same fasteners as the standard Tippmann 98 quick release feed elbow. It takes seconds to install and it’s easy to switch back and forth between hopper and magazine fed paintball.

The Tru-Feed magazines are identical to the ones that come with the Tippmann TPS Pistol. They utalize a low tension spring system that allows you to use a wider variety of paint compared to other magazines. We’ve had good experience with Tru-Feed magazines. Lower tension springs are less likely to damage paint on hot and humid days.

This is an exciting product for anyone who wants to get in on the mag fed craze without spending a fortune on a new marker. Just about everyone has a Tippmann Model 98—or at least knows someone who owns one. It will definitely get more people into magazine fed paintball.

The Tippmann mag fed conversion kit will be on sale in May for under $50. Be use to check out our website when the time comes to order yours.

Everything You Need to Know About the Azodin KD-II

azodin kd-II image

While Azodin’s KD-II looks like a ray gun from one of old Flash Gordon comics (see what I mean), there’s nothing out of date about their sequel to the Kaos-D (available April, 2014). The first thing you notice when you look at Azodin’s latest offering is that the color scheme for each gun looks sleek. The colors have a slick metallic look to them. Again, they look as if they were ripped out of the pages of a Flash Gordon issue.

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Spotlight on the New Tippmann TCR

Tippmann TCR Image

Magfed play is on the rise here in North America. Opting to play with a magazine of two dozen balls rather than a hopper filled with a few hundred, magfed play challenges players to make every shot count. Perfect for the player that prefers their paintball slow yet strategic rather than fast and frenzied, quality magfed play demands top-quality magfed markers. Thus, that’s where Tippmann comes in, as they have just announced their newest magfed market, the TCR (Tactical Combat Rifle).

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Hands-On With the Ninja SL 68/4500 Tank

Ninja SL 68 4500 Image

I don’t know about you guys, but I hate lugging a heavy tank on the field. When I started playing in 2000, I used to carry one of those cheap 20oz aluminum tanks from Walmart. I thought I was awesome carrying all of that air, but once I hit the field? I couldn’t run, couldn’t crawl – I couldn’t do anything. I rely on my speed when playing, and without it? I might as well have a target on my back. Suffice to say, I was shot more times than I can count using that tank, and once I got rid of it? It was good riddance forever.

Tank technology has come a long way since then, and the Ninja HPA tank is the proof in the proverbial pudding.

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First Impressions Review: Milsig M17 Paintball Gun

The eagerly anticipated Milsig M17 didn’t merely meet my expectations, it shattered them. I’ve been waiting for something like this from Milsig. The minute you see this marker, you will NEED to have it in your arsenal.  Save yourself some time—stop reading this review and pre-order it right now, it is seriously that good.

We got our hands on the whole line-up of new M17 markers at the Paintball Extravaganza just a few days ago. They are hard to put down. Check out the video:

High Efficiency Air Technology (HEAT)

You might already be familiar with Milsig’s new valve system to replace the  ”blow-back” valve you see on Tippman-style markers. Just in case you don’t know about it, here is a quick run-down. Traditionally, “blow-back” valves are durable, simple, and easy to maintain. The problem? They completely suck away efficiency.

That’s where the Milsig’s “High Efficiency Air Technology” or “HEAT” core comes in. The Heat core is a “blow-forward” style spool valve that gets rid of the cocking arm. In theory and practice, the Heat core is easier to maintain, more reliable and more consistent than the old “blow-back” style valves.

Milsig claims impressive accuracy improvements due to the heat core—as little as +/- 2 fps. Because accuracy is all about consistency, you need a “blow-foward” style valve if you  want to impress with marksmanship skills.

Mechanical Full Auto

No batteries, no electronics, just mechanical fully automatic firing. This is where the Milsig M17 is making the most waves. Combined with the Heat core, the mechanical full auto puts the M17 on a different level. There are no electronics to break. No batteries to replace. It’s completely awesome.

Mechanical full auto and the Heat core make regular maintenance easy. There are only five O-rings in the whole marker and you only need to service two of them regularly. You get to the internals by removing just two pins.  It’s fast, it’s easy, and there are no hassles.

Additional Features and Function

The coolest part about this marker for me is the new grip design. You can attach any standard AR-15 grips to the marker, offering a virtually unlimited array of possibilities.The AR-15 style cocking handle is pretty sweet too—they only needed to add it so you could clear a jam. With the First Strike ready 18 round magazine, it looks badass right out of the box.

Three Models


The Milsig M17 CQC is under $300. Designed to replace the CQB PRO, it comes in at a low price but packs a huge punch. For me, it’s the ultimate close quarters marker. Lightweight, durable, a high quality construction and feel—it’s perfect for rushing in fast and getting out quick. With the short barrel, it looks just like a classic SMG.


The M17 XDC is around twice the price of the CQC, but it has the ability to do it all. It comes with a machined receiver and foregrip and the mid-length Marksman Rifled Barrel System. This is the best all-around marker in the lineup.


The M17 DMR tops off the lineup. It was developed for long range engagements. As a completely dedicated sniper platform, it includes the Milsig 400mm FSR Marksman barrel. The price is higher, but you will find very few out of the box sniper markers that are better.

The only downside that I can see to the Milsig M17 is first, which one should I buy? And second, I am not going to be alone because everyone is going to order one.

Angel Eyes Reborn: Meet the C2 Eyon

c2 eyon image

T’was over two years ago that Angel Paintball Sports closed its doors forever. To say this was a sad day is a vast understatement. I mourned, as did most other players. Famous for their line of Angel paintball guns and the Angel Eye mask, Angel Paintball Sports was certainly responsible for bringing electronic paintball guns to the forefront. It was terrible timing too, as the company was on its way to revolutionizing masks in the same way it had revolutionized paintball markers. Alas, Tippmann purchased Angel Paintball Sports in late 2011, and as a result, we all wept.

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CBTC #2 – MaXXed, Thrasher V3s, Gearbags, & Pooty’s new Super Carbon Light Barrel systems

On this counter, Erik goes over Proto’s new PMR, the Maxxed! He also thoroughly compares Planet gearbags and Dye gearbags – what’s best for you?
We also quickly show off Pooty’s new barrel system. Check the link below!
Russell also hops in and talks about some of his favorite pants, The Exalt Thrashers!

Planet Eclipse 2013 Classic Kit Bag

The Eclipse Classic Kitbag has two compartments; the main compartment is big enough to cram in loads of gear and also has some handy large internal zip pockets and a clear Planet Eclipse 2013 Classic Kit Bagdocument holder. A water resistant lining makes removing paint and dirt a touch easier. The side compartment is great for keeping your clean gear separate from your dirty stuff or just fill it with more dirty stuff! Your choice.

Protect your gear from opportunist thieves! The Eclipse Bag Lock System allows you to pass a combination lock cable (not supplied) through the specially designed guide holes on the side of the bag, this then feeds through the trigger frame of your Paintball Marker on the inside of your Kitbag and back out so you can secure the cable to a fixed or heavy object, now no-one can lift your Paintball Marker from inside or tow your kitbag, sweet!


  • Robust Rails and Wheel Set
  • Eva Formed Protective Lid
  • Luggage ID Pocket
  • Plate Finished Zips
  • Retractable Pull Handle
  • Vented and Water Resistant Lined Compartments
  • Internal Document Holder and Zip Pockets
  • Soft Touch Handles
  • Unique Bag Lock Functionality

Dye Precision Resister 1.50 S Gear Bag

If you’re the type of hardcore baller who throws your gear in a bag after practice, and you don’t touch it again until the next time you’re at the field, the Resister was made for you. It has three compartments, and the main section is massive. The Resister is the first thermal lined bag, boasting the first water-resistant exterior and interior. The Resister’s design keeps your gear cool on hot summer days, and stops your collected sweat from dye precision resister 1.50s gear bagfermenting when the sun heats it up. When your gear has gone past the acceptable level of funk, you can empty it, wash it down inside and out, let it dry, and start the fungus culture experiment all over again. Made with the same durable construction as the rest of the Dye Dry line, you won’t have to worry about wear. It also features a front internal thermal compartment for your goggles (which also doubles as a cooler for cold ones after your victory), as well as plenty of space for the rest of your hard and soft gear.


The Hustle Reload #54 – Updates! Updates! and more Updates!

There is so much to catch you guys up on here at Hustle Paintball!  This week’s Hustle Reload is all about the updates, updates and more updates!

This week was pretty straight forward.. All work with very little play.
We talk about a few things that are up and coming and talk about a few things that y’all have been asking us.
Oh yeah, we also rip on Caleb for a few minute.
Double oh yeah, RUBY WEARS SHORTS. Chris’s daisy dukes to be specific!