Review: Exalt Paintball Vitamin O Gun Oil

vitamin o

We have another exciting product from Exalt for you guys today – this time, it’s lube! Or, Exalt’s Vitamin O Gun Oil to be precise. Now, we hear all the time how the most serious paintball players love this stuff. It works wonders on their markers and to some, it’s the best gun oil on the market today. But is it truly one of the best products for gun oil on the market today, or should you steer clear and choose something else? Let’s find out!

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Azodin KD II Video Review

The Azodin KD-II is an improvement on the Kaos-D. It uses a stacked tube blowback system and a revamped Zero-D low pressure system to increase efficiency and be gentler on paint.

Check out our most recent video review of the Azodin KD-II below.

We’re fans of the KD-II.

It’s relatively inexpensive—less than $200—and extremely reliable.

Additionally, the KD-II is easy to disassemble. We actually had a competition—check out the video—and compared the disassembly process to a Tippmann 98.

Based on our field testing, it’s not likely that taking the marker apart in the field will even be necessary. It was easy on paint in a variety of situations. We did have some breakage, but it was likely due to paint storage conditions rather than marker trouble.

Every shot was also consistent.

We definitely think that the Axodin KD II is one of the best paintball markers you can get for under $200. It’s the perfect upgrade to the Kaos-D and if you are looking for your first marker or a reliable “backup” you really can’t go wrong.

Check out the KD-II on our website. You should also friend us on Facebook.

Review: Exalt Sheepskin Battle Swab

exalt sheepskin battle swab

One of the most absorbent battleswabs on the market today, the Exalt Sheepskin Battle Swab will have your favorite barrel cleaned in no time at all. Durable yet effective, it’s certainly one of the most interesting battle swabs we’ve come across in recent memory. Yet, is it worth your money? Keep reading to find out!

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Announcement: Limited Time Offer on CGS Wire Pull Smoke Grenades!

CGS wire pull smoke grenade

We’ve talked about Coast Guard Surplus’ (CGS) Wire Pull Smoke Grenade on our official YouTube channel and about how awesome these things are. Seriously – these babies:

  • Produce 70,000 cubic feet output.
  • Are made to float on water.
  • Cool burning
  • Will not ignite gasoline
  • While they are producing smoke!


Literal Smoke on the Water when you are playing paintball – how awesome is that? As long as you don’t hold them when they ignite, you will have a blast with these bad boys – and that’s a promise only Hustle Paintball can keep! Yet unfortunately, these grenades are subject to a $30.00 HazMat fee per box imposed by the carrier delivering your paintball grenades to you.

Except there isn’t one – at least for a limited time!

We at Hustle Paintball want you to be able to experience these awesome paintball smoke grenades for yourself, yet we know that a $30.00 HazMat fee per box can be steep for a lot of you. That’s why for a limited time only, we will be paying 100% of your HazMat fee.

That’s right: the $14.99 price tag associated with these smoke grenades will only be $14.99 (plus included shipping and handling fees).

These paintball grenades are incredible, and again, we want all of you guys to try them out for yourself. Buy these beauties today, but if you are still unsure if these guys are right for you? Watch our video review here and make your own decision!

Tippman FT-12: One Of The Most Durable Paintball Guns?

Alright, the Tippmann FT-12 is $129.00 right now at our website.

If you are looking for a durable starter paintball gun—something for your kid, a friend, a brother or sister—or if you just need a reliable marker that you can beat up every weekend, never clean, and expect it to function properly for years…

Do yourself a favor and go get one.

The Tippmann FT-12 is a “flip top” design. That’s what the “FT” stands for.

The flip top makes it easy to get to all of the internal components. Fixing anything should a problem arise is a breeze. Cleaning it is simple and easy.

It looks cool, it’s semi auto, and it has a non-cycling A-5 style cocking handle on the top that helps keep all of the gunk, dirt, and dust you’ll encounter out of the marker.

There are a bunch of other features that will make you happy.

The lockdown feedneck will keep moisture from entering the breech, the 1.5 inch blade trigger has a short, responsible pull, the barrel is decent—not the best you can buy but it gets the job done…it’s got just about everything you need.

Is The FT-12 Durable Marker?

Now, here’s the thing:

Tippmann makes some awesome gear. Quality stuff that is known to last.

The internals of the FT-12 are basically the same as the Tippmann 98, a marker that many players have used and abused over and over again. My own Tippmann 98 is about 13 years old and it still takes a beating. Yeah, I’ve moved on to another marker but if I ever have a friend who wants to play, that’s the marker they use.

There is a reason paintball fields use Tippmann markers for rentals. They work. Flawlessly. All of the time. Sure, things go wrong. But they are little problems—maybe a broken o-ring or something.

Yes. The Tippmann FT-12 Is Tough, Here’s Why

Let’s get back to the FT-12.

Here’s how we tested it’s durability.

Around 8 or 9 months ago, we froze a used FT-12 into a block of ice.

We let the FT-12 sit in a freezer for 9 months. A few days ago, we took it out.

We wanted to unthaw the FT-12 to see if it would still work. The fastest way to get the ice off of it was to drop it about 20 feet from a lift to the pavement. That got rid of the ice pretty quick. Then, we wanted to get some friction going to melt the ice on the inside. So, we attached it to a tow hitch with a nylon tie-down and dragged it around the parking lot.

Watch the video of us abusing an FT-12 below.

As you can see, it stood up to the abuse.

Somewhere along the line—maybe before we froze it—the trigger broke off.

That’s not a problem because the flip-top makes for easy repairs. We popped a new trigger in, and the Tippmann FT-12 aired right up. No leaks, no problems—just like the day it came out of the box.

Go get one. Give it to a friend. You’ll spend more time playing and less time fixing things.

Review: Exalt Feedgate

exalt feedgate image

Do you own a Dye Rotor? Want a quick-loading lid that will improve your game considerably? If so, then you may want to consider the Exalt Feedgate – a low-profile lid that will not let any (not even one!) single paintball drop out. But is it right for you? That’s for you to decide. Read our review after the jump and find out if it is indeed ideal for you!

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Shopping For Beginner Paintball Gear

It doesn’t matter if you are brand new to the sport, or you are one of the many people who used to play who are just getting back into paintball—you need to know where to start and what to buy.

First tip, strike a balance between function and price. Honestly, we’d love it if you bought every top shelf product we offer but that might not be the best idea. Plenty of people get really excited about paintball only to buy the latest gear and let it sit without use.

Prioritize what you really need and what you just want.

You need a marker, you need a mask, you need a hopper, and you need an air tank.

After that, everything else is a bit of a luxury if you are just getting started.

Buying Used Gear Vs. New Paintball Gear

The first recommendation that I lot of people give new or returning players is to buy used.

That’s not bad advice.

Plenty of people gently use their gear—after all it is expensive. Some people buy an awesome marker that they sell because they aren’t using it and even more people buy an entry level or mid-range paintball run and upgrade quickly.

Use your brain if you are buying used and never buy sight unseen.

Say you order this Planet Exlipse Etha from us. Immediately, you know two or three things about the market. It’s not going to arrive broken, it is complete, and it comes with our support. If something on it is broken when it arrives, you can give us a call or shoot us an email.

Buying the same marker used would be a much different experience.

First, the Etha is a relatively affordable gun. Chances are, it was a young player’s first paintball marker. You might get lucky and find one that was used by a responsible adult who has a “big boy” job and likes to clean it and take care of it. From our experiences, those examples of used gear are few and far between.

So—don’t buy a marker used without trying it out. That’s the moral of the story.

If you can buy from a buddy you trust, that might be your best bet in the world of used paintball gear.

Buy Your Tank New


Just get a Ninja 68/4500 HPA tank.

Buy it new, buy it from us.

It’s a kick ass tank that will get the job done.

Personally, I am not going to use a used HPA tank. If you get a new tank you know how it has been treated and you know it’s going to work great. If I am going to put a high pressure air tank next to me, I want to make sure it’s going to function properly.

Buy Your Mask New

Your mask is the most important piece of gear that you own.

Spend a little bit more money and get an HK Army KLR.


If you can, try some masks on to see how they feel. Masks can be a very personal choice.

Remember, they aren’t something that you should skimp on. You’re going to have paint flying at your face. You want to protect it.

Review: Dye Precision Performance Knee Pads

Dye Precision Performance Knee Pads Image

Do you find yourself getting on your knees often during a paintball match (get the mind of the gutter for a minute, folks)? Bruised knees are no laughing matter. Even though each match may last a few minutes or a few hours (and even though you probably do not land on your knees in hopes of getting a hit often), the reality is that if you play paintball often, those knees are going to bruise, become tinder, and give you problems later in life.

So what can you do? Be proactive! Protect those knees every time you go down on them (what did I tell you about keeping your mind out of the gutter) with some of the best paintball knee pads on the market today. Interested? Read our review to find out just how awesome these knee pads really are!

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Quick Look: Guerrilla Air Digital Camo/Black Carbon Fiber Tanks


Guerrilla makes some of the most stellar carbon fiber tanks on the market today, and they’re line of camo/black carbon fiber tanks are no exception. Since Tiberius Arms recently acquired Guerrilla, they have made a ton of improvements to Guerrilla Air’s line of carbon fiber tanks over the last year. Here are some of the improved carbon fiber tanks they have released.

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Review: Allen Company Padded Marker Bag

allen company marker bag

You love your marker – that’s a given. As a result, you want to protect your investment as much as possible. The thought of anything damaging affecting your marker bag should be enough to send shivers down your spine (and possibly send a tear to your eye in the process). Thus, that’s why we are here today to introduce to you one of the best marker bags at Hustle Paintball, the Allen Company’s Padded Marker Bag. What’s so great about it? Read our review below to find out!

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