Review: Blackout Gauges

blackout gauges

Gauges: they make analyzing info on our markers so much easier. Not only are they ideal for seeing how much air you have in your tank (which is the case with most markers nowadays), but they can also be rigged up to ensure that you are able to analyze the amount left in your tank when you are using a remote coil (as see in our video here).Truth is, gauges are so flexible and can be applied in so many ways to your marker, that you should probably have a few on-hand at all times in the event that you do need to use a gauge or two to ensure that you can use your marker easier than ever.

And if you break your stock gauge? Then (in our minds, anyway), there’s no better gauge brand  than Blackout Gauges. Available in 25mm and 19mm directly from our site, they’re the perfect replacement for not only stock gauges that may break, but also any type of tinkering you may choose to do with your marker.

They’re the ideal replacement for any 1/8 NPT port! Ranging from 300-5000 psi, they’re exactly what the gauge doctor ordered, so get yours today!

Preview: Tippmann TiPX Tru-Feed Magazine

TiPX pistol

We’re big fans of all things Tippmann here at Hustle Paintball – especially the TiPX brand! So when we heard that a new add-on was coming for the TiPX brand – a tru-feed magazine for the TiPX, we jumped for joy.

And we didn’t stop jumping. Until we couldn’t (then we just a little more for good measure).

Currently on pre-order (it will arrive sometime early this month), this 12-round magazine will be a much more higher capacity version of the classic 7-round magazines that are the norm for TiPX users.

They’ll also be compatible with Tippmann TCRs as well.

With the ability to be modified to shoot First Strike rounds, extremely durable, and very easy to clean, you need to have this if you use your TiPX regularly.

Stock up! But hurry fast, because we’ll be out of stock soon!

In-Depth: Virtue Vio Contour Thermal Goggle

virtue vio contour

Let’s face it: a paintball mask is better when it’s thermal, right? Those cold, winter nights of playing paintball out in the snow, the heavy breathing while waiting for that perfect shot – it’s made possible by thermal masks. The Virtue Vio Contour Thermal Goggle is such a mask, but is it worth the price of admission? Find out below!

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Review: Exalt Paintball Lens and Mask Cases

exalt lens and mask cases

If you just spent a lot of money on your mask or a few lenses for it, then you need to protect your investment! Think just throwing your lens and/or mask into a duffel bag, tossing it in the back of your Jimmy, and letting it slide around as you do donuts on your local town’s football field is going to suffice? Forgetaboutit! You need protection, and luckily, Exalt delivers. Find out why below!

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In-Depth: Kohn 2014 Breast Cancer Awareness Softgoods

kohn 2014 breast cancer awareness

It’s October, and you know what that means. Not only is it the month of Halloween, but it’s also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Every organization seems to be commemorating the all-important month of breast cancer awareness, and here at Hustle Paintball, we’re no different. That’s why – along with Kohn – we are offering breast cancer awareness softgoods throughout the month of October. What do we have in store? Find out below.

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It’s Official: Half-Life 2: Unforeseen Consequences is Coming Oct. 18

Will you experience this level of action Oct. 18? You'll have to play with us and see for yourself!

Will you experience this level of action Oct. 18? You’ll have to play with us and see for yourself!

Hey hot dogs! We released the official Half-Life 2: Unforeseen Consequences announcement video late last week – a magfed scenario campaign with a Half-Life touch. Watch the video for all the details and visit Hustle Paintball to learn more, but in case you want to get the 411 here? Read below to find out what it’s truly all about.

First thing’s first: pre-register right now! This will allow us to plan effectively, so the sooner you guys sign up? The better the scenario will be.

Secondly: if you don’t have a magfed marker, go to Hustle Paintball and look at the list Ethan posted that details the magfed markers that are recommended for the event. We’re planning to have a magfed scenario at least once a year, so if this is something you think you are going to enjoy at least once a year, believe us: you need a magfed gun. Check it out, buy it, have fun with us Oct. 18.

Would you rather not shell out the money for a magfed marker? That’s okay! You can bring your regular marker to play – but it must be converted. The best way to do this? Buy a feedneck adapter along with a set of 10-round tubes directly from us. If you’re feeling really adventurous? Buy a bandolier too!

So don’t be a Wallace Breen – be a Gordon Freeman! Join us Oct. 18 and have a blast in this annual extravaganza.

Review: Major Paintball M80TR Landmine

M80TR landmine

Full disclosure: this isn’t a review of a legit landmine. Rather, it’s for one of the most interesting paintball landmines we’ve seen in recent memory. Major Paintball’s M80TR landmine promises to not just get a little bit of paint on your enemies – it promises to soak them. Watch your enemies drip with paint with the M80TR. Is it worthy of a purchase, though? Find out in our review below!

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