Review: Energy Paintball High Performance Batteries

Energy Paintball Batteries

Do you need the best batteries for your marker? If so, then you need the best. Easier said than done (especially with so many choices for rechargeable batteries on the market today), it can be difficult to know which batteries are best for your marker and which ones you should pass on by. Luckily, our review of Energy Paintball’s High Performance Batteries should be the deciding factor. Are Energy Paintball’s batteries the best bang for your buck? Keep reading to find out!

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Review: Allen Paintball Scenario Pods

Allen Paintball Scenario Pods

Do you want one of the best pods on the market today? Then you need to consider Allen Paintball’s Scenario Pods! These pods come in a variety of sizes: from 50 to 100 round to even 140 round pods (and in a variety of colors). But are the Allen Paintball Scenario Pods worthy of a purchase? Find out after the jump!

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Review: Planet Eclipse Etha EMC Rail Mounting Kit

Planet Eclipse Etha EMC Rail Mounting Kit

Do you own an Eclipse Etha marker? If you do and you want to ‘unleash the beast’ so to speak, then you need to do yourself a favor and take a look at the Planet Eclipse Etha EMC Rail Mounting Kit. Perfect for scenario play, it’s one of the most comfortable mounting kits we’ve seen, and the best part? It’s not going to break your bank account! Keep reading to learn why the Planet Eclipse Etha EMC Rail Mounting Kit is (maybe) worthy of a purchase.

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Review: Gen X Global TXG Tactical Modular Flak Jacket Vest

Gen X Global TXG Tactical Modular Flak Jacket Vest

Soldier, do you find yourself lying awake at night, dreaming of owning a flak jacket vest that can really withstand a powerful ‘punch?’ Do you daydream about the paint of your opponent’s paintballs dripping off of your vest, as you stand there laughing maniacally, saying aloud, “I may be out, but I didn’t feel anything,” with your arms raised to the heavens like you’re some sort of god? Maybe not, but if you want a solid flak jacket vest that you can depend on at a cool price, keep reading to find out what makes the Gen X Global TXG Tactical Modular Flak Jacket Vest so special!

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Hustle Paintball And Nighthawk Brewery Are Working On A Paintball Board/Table-Top Game!


Adam Stout, commonly referred to as ‘Ministry of Fun’ and the ‘Commissioner of Refreshments’ over at Nighthawk Brewery laid down the 411 today on a new side project between a few of the guys at Hustle Paintball and Nighthawk Brewery. Erik, Jay, and Adam are attempting to blend their love of paintball with their love of board and table-top games to recreate the strategy and frenzy of paintball in a table-top format.

Insane? It’s debatable. Find out the details of this new, interesting table-top experience after the jump.

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Half-Life: Unforeseen Consequences: Rise and Shine, Mr. Freeman

g man hl2

Rise, and, shine.

With the Citadel destroyed, the Combine is working to open a superportal to call in reinforcements and enslave humanity once again. Combine Advisor pods are being scattered throughout the region, and due to the destruction of the Citadel, Dr. Kleiner explains that a portal and communications blackout has occurred on Earth-stationed Combine forces, thus leaving them disorganized, isolated, and most importantly – vulnerable.

At White Forest Base, a Combine distress signal is detected in the vicinity. It possibly means that one of the Advisors that fled from the Citadel are still nearby. Thus, a small group of misfits is sent to recover – or perhaps even destroy – the lone Advisor.

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Review: Tippmann A5 – Perfect For Beginners!

Tippmann A5

If you are trying to find the perfect marker for beginning paintball players, then we urge you to strongly consider the Tippmann A5. Since the marker was launched way back in 2002, the Tippmann A5 has proven to be one of the premier markers on the scene. What makes it so special? Keep reading to find out for yourself!

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Hustle Update: Valken Pro-Connect

Valken Pro-Connect Image

We have a big announcement today – and indeed, it’s about pro connects again. If you have been watching the videos on our channel for a while (and if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?!?), you will notice that we are pretty opinionated on which ones are the best.

Doug Brown, the originator of the Sideworks Pro-Connect 3 (the best Pro-Connect in our opinion), brought it back to the market some time back. Unfortunately, it is no longer available (Doug’s a busy man, after all), which is a real bummer.

But don’t be bummed for long! Doug has helped Valken to find a new place to get these awesome Pro-Connects made, and we are happy to announce the Valken Pro-Connect.

100% compatible with the Sideworks Pro-Connect 3 .This includes the PC3Xs, Milsig 17 CATS stocks, Sideworks male nipple – 100% compatible just like the original Pro-Connect 3.

If you have wanted a Pro-Connect but haven’t been able to find one, now we have the answer! To learn how it all works, view our video here. Once you are finished? Purchase a Valken Pro-Connect directly from us here!