In-Depth Look: Squirrel Tail Squeegee

squirrel squeegee image

I remember one afternoon after finishing a day of paintball, a friend and I began sword fighting with our squeegees after cleaning our barrels. The fight consisted of the usual moves: sword fighting from behind, the ‘spin attack into throat’ move, the ‘belly stab,’ and of course the ‘stab to crotch,’ move. For some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to spin around and grab my squeegee with both hands and attack my friend like I was King Arthur using the legendary sword Excalibur. I hit him in the back so hard, the squeegee broke in half.

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Virtue PF Pod Review

Virtue’s new PF Pods—the “PF” stands for Press Flick—are innovative and excellent. We understand what you are thinking: “How can a paintball pod be innovative? It just holds paint.” Trust me, we thought the same thing at first. Check out our review video where we ran these new pods through a series of “unique” tests:

The biggest advantage to the Virtue PF Pods is durability. We performed a number of tests to compare the Virtue pods to a standard pod. We dropped them from shoulder level to concrete. We dropped them from 35 feet to our warehouse floor.  We even put the Virtue PF in a vice and turned it until we couldn’t turn it anymore. Even flatting the pod in a vice couldn’t shatter the durable plastic. The Virtue PF didn’t crack and it returned to an altered albeit useable shape.

It only broke once and that’s after we abused the hell out of it.

Two Sizes

The Virtue PF Pod comes in two sizes—135 and 165. The 135 is 2-inches shorter than a normal pod, but it holds the same amount of paint. The 165 is the same length as a normal pod—it holds 20% more paint. The difference between normal pods and the Virtue PF is in the shape of the cylinder. The Virtue pods don’t taper over the length of the tube, allowing for higher capacity at the same length.

The “Press Flick” tab is a fast opening top that will press or flick open. It works great, however we did notice that it can open itself when dropped from 35-feet to our warehouse floor. The top is just as durable as the plastic tube.

Which One is For Me?

It really depends on your play style and hopper size. If you like to shoot paint and you have a large hopper, get the 165—especially if you already have a normal sized pod. The 135 has a slimmer profile. If 2-inches of pod height makes a difference for you and you enjoy “slimming” your profile to reduce hit area, the 135 is a good choice. Both sizes come in a variety of colors.

The only downside we saw with the 135 was pack eject compatibility. Because it is shorter than a normal pod, it doesn’t eject as well when you release it from a pack. You can still get it out, it just doesn’t eject as smoothly as the 165.

Buy a Set

You need the Virtue PF Pods. You can buy them as single pods on our website (135 or 165) or as a six-pack (135 six-pack or 165 six-pack). At under $6.50 each they aren’t expensive. They’re more durable than any pod we have seen. If you don’t believe us, check out our Virtue PF Pod review video and watch us crush it with a vice.

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Review: Milsig FazMag Magazine Speed Pouch

Milsig FazMag Paintball Magazine Speed Pouch  image

Make no mistake: magfed is a blast. There is something exciting about having limited ammunition and fuel that adds a wholly new strategic layer to the sport we love, and by making every shot count, this variant of paintball makes matches more strategic than ever. For those that love magfed, it’s a breath of fresh air – a refreshing change of pace from other variants such as speedball. Yet, what if you want to hold a few extra balls of paint during magfed play? Seconds count, and you need a method you can use to reload your marker quietly and easily.

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The Best Paintball Cleats

If you aren’t playing with the right shoes, you are missing out on one of the best ways to up your game. Any type of traction advantage is going to improve your ability to run and cut, resulting in improved quickness and better play. Several types of shoes are popular in paintball. Many players choose football or soccer cleats. These work well most of the time. For a long time, it was actually all that was available.

The best paintball cleats for you depend on your needs. Consider how much traction you want and how customizable you want to cleats to be. What is the typical play surface you play on? Is it turf, grass or dirt. Many fields that use turf surfaces have restrictions on the type of cleats that you can use. Additionally, you don’t necessarily want super-aggressive cleats for dirt-based play.

If you have already found something that works for your play style, definitely keep using it. Often times, a good pair of soccer cleats are absolutely fine. If you don’t have cleats yet, or you are looking for something that is paintball specific, check out these two options:


Exalt Developments TRX Paintball Cleats

These are one of the most popular paintball-specific options. Customization is key to these cleats. Two different sets of spikes are included. You can switch the spikes out for a more or less aggressive feel depending on your gait, field type, or field cleat restrictions.

They are only available in sized 9-13, they include a carrying bag, two sets of spikes, and a spike tool. At $80, they cost around the same as a good pair of soccer cleats. The advantage is customization and paintball-specific development.

HK Army Shredder Cleats

Instead of removable spikes, the HK Shredder uses fixed traction points. They are designed for use on a variety of surfaces—from mud and dirt to Astroturf. These cleats are acceptable on most turf fields because they don’t include metal spikes that dig up the surface. They are very similar in plate design to “turf shoes” developed for other sport-specific purposes.


The HK Army Shredder is $70.00 and available in sizes 8-14. They are a good deal, but not as customizable or advanced as the Exalt TRX cleat.

If you already have a pair of turf shoes or soccer cleats you’ll understand the impact that proper footing can have on your game. If you aren’t using cleats, you need to start. Consider the Exalt TRX if you want the best paintball cleats for adaptability. They can handle any play surface or condition. The HK Army Shredder cleats are excellent too—they are a good choice if you prefer simplicity and don’t want to be concerned with switching out spikes.

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Properly Cleaning the Magazine of Your ZetaMag

zetamag magazine cleaning image

Have you ever broken paint while firing out of your ZetaMag? It’s heartbreaking, isn’t it? Nobody wants to deal with that – especially if you break paint in your magazine. It’s a terrible time – regardless if the paint in question is high or low quality. When it comes to cleaning your ZetaMag’s magazine, you need to have a game plan. The first place to start? Your kitchen sink.

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Paintball Workouts: Take Your Game to The Next Level

Want a way to take your game to the next level? Something you can do to improve in the off season? Before you think about upgrading your gear, purchasing a new paintball gun, or investing in the latest expensive product, upgrade your body. Put some time and effort into making yourself a better player through exercise.

The 2014 PSP season just kicked off and we can’t help but notice how fit some of these teams are. If you haven’t checked out this awesome video from SpantastikMedia take a look:

Fitness is a big key to getting to the next level.

Believe me, we would LOVE it if you purchased more gear to get better. After all, we run a business selling equipment. The honest reality is that the best investment you can make in being a better player—especially after you have the essentials covered—is in yourself and your level of fitness. With improved stamina, strength, and agility you can outrun, outgun, and outflank the competition. Better yet, when the opposing team is gassed you will still be strong and capable of communicating with your teammates. Completely focused on the game objective instead of struggling for breath.

Here are a few simple paintball workouts that will improve your game.

1. Agility Drills

Speed and explosiveness are the key. You need to have the ability to cut, decelerate, rapidly switch direction and explode to full speed running in less than a few seconds.

The easiest way to improve your agility and explosive power is through agility ladder exercises. Here is a quick video with some agility ladder drills.

2. Sprint Workouts

As you get closer to the competitive season, you’ll want to start working on your speed and sprint training. There are a few effective method of developing speed. You’ll want to practice getting to maximum speed and cutting as fast as possible. Shuttle runs are great for this. Run between two lines that are 30-50 yards apart. Practice getting to full speed, stopping quickly, turning around as fast as possible and accelerating to top speed to the opposite line. You will want to do several sets of 5-6 runs with plenty of rest between each.

Hill sprinting is ideal for developing powerful speed. Pick a hill that is steep and at least 50-60 yards long. Run up the hill as fast as possible with an explosive bounding stride. Walk back down and rest for 1-2 minutes. Repeating 6-10 hill runs three times each week will drastically improve your sprinting ability. If you don’t have access to a hill you can also use stairs at a stadium.

3. Core Strength

All of your body’s power is funneled through your core. High core strength guarantees that you remain stable and agile on the paintball field. Incorporate an abdominal strengthen regimen into your daily routine if you want to see gains on the paintball field. Perform crunches, but also pay attention to strengthening your hip flexors and back.

Leg lifts are a simple and effective hip flexor exercise. Lay on your side with your elbow supporting your body. Lift your body off the ground and raise one of your legs. Repeat 8-10 times per side.

Strong hip flexors reduce your changes of injury and improve your ability to cut quickly from side to side.

Put Some Effort In

You’re really only limited by your imagination when it comes to paintball workouts. The best workouts are specific to the demands of the sport. Additional cardio is always helpful to improve your stamina. Your main focus should be on developing speed, strength, and general quickness.

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Reload #60: Custom Modified Dangerous Power G3

First off—check out Hustle Reload #60 on YouTube and see what’s brewing at Hustle Paintball. Spoiler alert: there will be beer. An order of hops came in, grain is starting to get staked on the storage shelves, and for the first time you can begin to see the scale of our industrial brewing operation.

Last week we made some modifications to the Dangerous Power G3. Our previous edition of Reload. Please take a brief moment to visit before you continue reading. Reload #60 features an overview of the improvements you can find on the Hustle PB-Modified G3.

We believe that our complex modifications drastically improve the G3. No offense if you already own one and it works for you—if you are happy with your G3, we are happy for you. Let’s cut to the key improvements we made to the gun:

1. Custom Milled Body

Our first step was to use an old fashioned hand-operated milling process to custom tool the marker body (threw it into a dumpster from a distance of 50-100 feet). The result is an exposed metal finish with jagged edges that improves the ascetic form of the gun. The addition of sharp edges on the rear of the gun increase the likelihood of injury. This is an important element of paintball—you have to bleed if you want to look like a badass.

2. Slim Profile No-Rise “No Feedneck”

We designed a new No-Rise “No Feedneck” feedneck. The Hustle-Modified G3 is the first paintball gun in history for feature the sleek “No Feedneck” profile. Our complex tooling technology (dumpster throw) was used to crush the feedneck to make it inoperable. We believe that the ascetic design improvements and slim profile of the design trumps any possible functionality loss caused by the lack of a usable feedneck.

3. Improved Barrel Tip

Most custom barrels get larger over the length of the barrel. One example is the Inception Designs Setlla interchangeable system. It increases in diameter throughout the length of each section. We decided to revolt against current design trends and created a “crush-tip jagged edge” barrel tip. It puts some sort of spin on paint—sort of like a flatline-type barrel.  We think it’s better, mostly because it has a tendency to break paint into smaller pieces for a shotgun effect. It’s perfect for close quarters engagements.

4. SST Grip Frame

Hustle “Snap Shot Technology (SST)” is a new feature that allows for ambidextrous grip frame barrel  rotation. The SST grip frame makes rolling out from cover to shoot an opponent obsolete. Twisting the grip frame rolls the barrel out, reducing your profile and improving your ability to deliver rounds downrange.

More information about ordering the Hustle Modified G3 is available in our video review. Here is a direct time link to the overview of this exciting new product:

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First Look: MacDev’s Cyborg 6

macdev cyborg 6 image

‘Twas over a decade ago that MacDev release the first Cyborg. Built for speed and solid performance, the Cyborg was one of the hottest markers on the market. As a result, five models were made – each of them successful. To say this put MacDev on the map is an understatement: Cyborg arguably made MacDev the leader that it is today. The brand has a lot to live up to, so when rumor of a sixth model began floating around, everyone knew that marker had to deliver. The rumors are true, and yes, MacDev is indeed gearing to launch the sixth model of the Cyborg line – the Cyborg 6 – in 2014.

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