Nothing is harder than looking in the mirror, or is it?

This year will be greater than any year before, that I’m confident of. Over the past few months, I’ve spent quite a bit of time reflecting on what we’re going to do different… no, more accurately, what we’re going to do better. Typically, when someone says something to the effect of “self-examination is hard,” it’s very negative and brings up connotations of finding faults that you can do nothing to change. For me, however, it’s very invigorating to look at your own faults (a few extra pounds here, some bad habits there) and getting motivated to better yourself. Maybe eat a little bit better, watch less tv – you know, the basics.

But when I take a look at Hustle Paintball, I have to think a little bit differently about how to get the company’s abs tightened up and improve our cardio (so to speak). With some insightful advice from some great friends of mine in the industry, as well as mentors outside of paintball, I’ve been presented with a laundry list of, essentially, all of the ways we can improve. Many other people would look at a list like that and see all of the ways that they’ve failed. I suppose that is technically true, but we see those as opportunities to improve, serve our family (you ladies and gents) better, and help build our community (like what we’ve been doing on pbRIOT – been putting in some long hours on that).

I hope that you’ve noticed our Facebook interaction has stepped up considerably – that is because we’ve been taking the initiative to improve our social interaction. In the past, our very talented social media expert Leslie had been taking care of that for us, but the time has come to make a change. You will start to see consistent blogs coming out, as they have in the past few weeks. The blog topics will not just be about industry issues, “we need to vent” and various paintball products, but I want to invite you to take a look behind the curtain and get to know us a bit better, so to speak. Unlike the past, we will all take turns writing blogs and talking about things you guys actually care about. By the way, do you guys like our new HD camera on our channel? I hope so, because we bought that for you :)

What else is happening? Well, our showroom in Colorado is disappearing *gasp* and turning more into a chatroom. I don’t want you to walk in here and browse around and look at prices on the wall – that’s what most paintball stores do (and you can do that online). If you come into our store, you’re obviously coming because you want to look at a product, feel it with your hands, and talk with an expert about it – so that’s what we do! If you walk into our shop, you basically get someone to answer all of your questions, show you anything you want, let you try it on, try it out, etc. I hope that everyone who comes in feels like this is a better way to do it (sure, more time consuming for us, but if we wanted to save time, I suppose we’d just lock the doors and tell you guys to stop bugging us, haha – not really what we’re trying to do!)

I’m starting to run a little bit long, so I’ll have to tell you all more about it a bit later, but please tell me this – have you noticed? Do you feel like my wild claims are warranted? Are you seeing us more on Facebook, enjoying more videos being produced, or feeling like you’re getting to know us a bit better on the RIOT? If not, why don’t you holler at me at let me know how we can do better.

-Ethan Hall
Hustle Paintball

6 thoughts on “Nothing is harder than looking in the mirror, or is it?

  1. Ethan, sounds like you’re making some solid changes. The best business is the one that people like visiting personally. Keep it up! Hope this year is a great one for ya!

    -pbRIOT’s lhamilton1807

  2. Well said Ethan! I’ve always liked your strong approach to customer support, and now that you’re taking a leading role in the industry to engage customers even more I can only say one thing … AWESOME! I look forward to the continued success of Hustle Paintball – your work is setting the bar very high for your competition!

  3. I have noticed an increased in facebook post, which I enjoy checking on my breaks at work. I have enjoyed all of the blogs so far and I think that they have been well written. The HD camera has been a nice addition. Overall, keep up the great work.

    See you on the Riot

  4. Hey guys and gals,
    I myself have noticed a huge improvement over the last couple of months. I have to say I’m impressed!! As someone that drives over the road Monday through Friday, I have used the website a ton and your people that answer the phones are top notch!! My only wish is that I could come by on the weekends to actually visit the store where I spend so much money at (as the wife but you are all out growing the sport and for that I thank you!! I have gotten to play with you guys once at blitz and it was a blast! so on that note I understand, when I’m not working I would much rather be playing.I started playing in 1987 and have never though of quitting,because i know there are still people out there that love it as much as I do. Up north here in Colorado there isn’t really anyone other then Jax in Loveland and Fort Collins so next time you guys expand come north!! Thank you for all you do! Roy

  5. Ethan,

    This message is what sets you apart from other big paintball companies. For example I made the mistake of ordering from ANSGEAR, a week before I had a tournament. I ordered $2,000 in gear including a geo 2.1, and asked for free overnight shipping due to the amount I was spending. I was literally laughed at, which was apolling but I payed the extra 70 dollars, and low and behold the Geo was backordered three weeks because they were out of my color, so I had to switch colors at the last minute to ensure I got it on time. I trusted they would be able to handle getting it to me with 4 days and overnight shipping, nope it ended up coming a whole two weeks late. Regardless, I have used many different websites, and this websites treats me like a person, and acts like every little business counts weather its $20 or $1,000.

    Thanks again,

  6. Ethan and all the members of Hustle Paintball,
    I personally feel you have stepped up your game not only in the online but in the store as well. I was in there last week needing a tank with a SLP (Oh how I love and loathe thee Bob Long!!!!) and not only did you guys hook me up and convince me on the GXG tactical marker bag I had a blast wasting an hour and a half of my day chatting with you guys about anything and everything. You guys are and will always be my preferred store in person and on line! I can not say enough thanks for the crew at Hustle. Because I do not want to post on the other blog about wiping I will post my thoughts here, it is unfortunate that the paintball community here in CO sees you that way I know for a fact that none of my team look at you as wipers. Unfortunately you can build thousands of bridges and no one will call you the “Bridgebuilder” but you have an altercation with a goat and you know the rest!

    Thank you again for everything guys, hope to see you on the field this year!

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