Ninja’s 77cu SL Tank is Available Now!

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The Ninja 77cu SL tank is available now!

Something legendary just happened today – something borderline miraculous. What’s the news? Oh, it’s only the announcement of today’s launch of Ninja’s 77cu SL tank! That’s right, folks – today. Now. Right now! The latest iteration in the ‘Super Lite’ brand, the Ninja 77cu SL is Ninja’s latest effort in ensuring that when you play paintball, you don’t have to worry about lugging around a heavy tank that’s only going to get in the way, decrease the effectiveness of your game, and generally feel uncomfortable. Everyone wants a lighter tank (and thus, a lighter marker), and the new 77cu SL is going to make it happen. Less fatigue, the ability to perform better ‘snap shots,’ and again, a more comfortable feel when playing, the 77cu SL needs to be in your life.

Besides, within a few years the competition will be using carbon fiber tanks such as the 77cu SL anyway, so in the meantime? Get a leg up on the competition with the 77cu SL. Believe us guys: this is one of the hottest tanks of the summer, and it’s one that you will not regret purchasing. Holding a ton of air while remaining light and comfortable, it’s another testament to the awesomeness of Ninja (seriously, these guys don’t make bad products!).

The best part about all of this? Hustle Paintball has these miracle tanks in stock now. Take a look at these hot new tanks for yourself here, see if Ninja’s latest offering is right for you (and why wouldn’t it be), buy the new Ninja 77cu SL, and become the envy of everyone on the field while watching your game increase. Again:

  • Comfortable
  • Light
  • Small
  • Awesome air capacity
  • Another solid Ninja product
  • Hustle Paintball will have these bad boys in stock today!

It’s the latest story in the stellar Ninja legacy, and another reason why their Super Lite line is becoming a thing of legend. Check out Hustle Paintball’s homepage today to buy your own Ninja 77cu SL for yourself, and check out our official YouTube channel for our review on the tank momentarily. Happy paintballin’ guys!

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