Morph Fire BB Conversion Kit Review

Whats up guys, in this clip Dan with Hustle Paintball gives us a really good review on the Morph Fire – the very first 6 mm BB conversion kit on the market for paintball guns.  This particular gun is only available for spider guns, but in the near future will expand from there.

Initially, we were a little skeptical about this gun but after trying it out, we found that it was a lot of fun!  But we are totally advocating for safety and do not advise you to go shooting this thing aimlessly around.  Please be careful and practice safety precautions when using the Morph Fire.

The only difference between this gun and regular paintball guns is that when you are out on the paintball field, there are rules and regulations to keep you from hurting anyone.  And if you disobey or break any rules of the field you will be kicked out.  Likewise, while using the Morph Fire there are no “BB Gun fields” where you can just run around shooting at other moving objects – such as humans, simply because this is dangerous and just uncalled for.  So if you purchase the Morph Fire BB Conversion Kit, please be careful and do what is right out there.

As with other paintball guns and gear, you can check the Morph Fire out on our website at

Enjoy the review!

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