Milsig 2013 MKIII Paradigm Pro Mag-Fed First Strike Paintball Gun Review & Shooting

The highly anticipated 2013 Mark III series “Para Pro” hit our building and we immediately started testing it and were very pleased! For a precision, mag-fed marker, it’s tough to beat! Jay shows you ALL of the different features, there’s plenty of delicious gun porn and shooting demos in here, so grab a Snickers – we hope you’re comfortable :) It’s a nice, long video.



This paintball marker is a completely new version of the Paradigm.  It is lighter, more efficient, more accurate and even more realistic than the original marker.  Some really great features of this Milsig M-Series Paradigm Pro First Strike Marker:

  • New High Efficiency Air Technology (HEAT) semi-automatic operating system – this feature helps the Paradigm Pro to be more efficient (about 20% more efficient).  It also decreases operating pressure and provides a consistent shot for long distance.
  • Built-In Marksman Rifled Barrel – specially configured to match the fin pattern of the FIRST STRIKE projectile.  Both range and accuracy are drastically improved in this paintball marker.
  • Rail Integrated System (RIS) – meticulously CNC machined from billets of aircraft grade aluminum.
  • Realistic Proportions – the gap between the Magazine Well and the Trigger Guard were removed.  The Paradigm PRO is more compact and mimics the proportions of a 7.62mm Armalite variant.
  • More compact and less weight – Weight has been dropped from 3.15kg to 2.65kg, over an 18% reduction!  Additionally, the length has dropped from 991mm to 850mm that is over 16% of reduction in length!
  • Easier to maintain
  • 20-Round .68 Cal. Square Head Magazine
  • 10-Round First Strike Straight Magazine
  • Flip-Up Polymer Front and Rear Sights

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