Make Your Own Paintball Gun Stand

Many of you have been asking how to make your own paintball gun stand.  Well, now we have a video covering the “How-To” instructions for you.  It is actually quite easy, inexpensive and a sturdy do-it-yourself project.  The point is to keep your gun from being on the ground or laying on its side – basically to keep it safe!

The most important thing is you want to draw out your plans for what you want to make.  This helps you figure out all of the pieces that you need so you aren’t hanging out in your hardware store for hours.


  • PVC Piping
  • A bag of 90s (about 10)
  • 3/4 to 1 inch “T” – this will be cut in half so the barrel fits
  • Foam
  • A saw for cutting

After you have your materials gathered, you can start assembling your gun stand.  It is a painless and easy stand to make.  You can paint it whatever color you want, make it “you”.  You can even make 7-man gun stands for your entire team, or to hold all of your guns that you have laying around.  Basically, just have fun with this – it’s not necessary, but it’s really cool and helpful.

If you have made your own paintball gun stand, share it with us and comment in the box below.  What materials did you use and how did you assemble it?

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