Maintenance Tips: How To Take Care of Your Paintball Gun

Don’t forget to take care of your equipment. Basic paintball gun maintenance can save you a lot of money in the long run. If you are like any of us at Hustle Paintball, your gun is your biggest budget item. If you’ve done all of your research, saved your money, and planned properly, you likely have a paintball gun that’s going to last—as long as you take care of it properly.


Here are some basic maintenance tips that beginners need to know. Go ahead and gloss over them if you’ve been playing for a while.

1. Clean, Clean, Clean

Before you do it, take the air source off. Sorry, I had to include that part—always remove your Co2 or HPA tank before cleaning your marker.

Cleaning is inevitable because dust, dirt and grime kill. It goes beyond just running a squeegee down the barrel and calling it a day.

Step up a cleaning routine. I just use a rag and some warm water to clean dirt, paint, and paint chips off my marker every time I use it. It’s part of my routine. When I get home, my gun comes out, gets disassembled, and every part gets cleaned with a damp cloth and dried with a dry towel. I squeegee the barrel again with a second Exalt Barrel Maid that I use only before I put my gun away (I keep two because I like to have one that is as clean as possible).


You don’t need to use chemical cleaners. You just need a damp cloth.

2. Check O-Rings

While you are cleaning, visually inspect your O-Rings. You’re looking for cuts, tears and abnormalities that look like air could slip past. Check the manual that came with your marker to determine where all of the o-rings are.

3. Lubricate—Less is Often More

You need to lubricate your marker. Don’t just use any grease or oil you find. I shudder to think about people using 3-in-1 oil or WD40 in $1000 paintball guns. It’s crazy. Specific paintball lubricants are inexpensive and can improve the life of your marker.

Again, manuals usually specify what type of grease or oil to use in your paintball gun. Read the thing. That’s why it’s there. Some people have specific preferences. When I use grease, I like Pathogen Super. It’s cheap and the little tub lasts forever. An inexpensive bottle of Planet Eclipse Oil is good for situations where grease isn’t called for.

Don’t over lubricate your paintball gun. Using too much lube will only hurt performance.

4. Be Careful  

Don’t put your paintball gun underwater. Don’t get it covered in mud and dirt if you can avoid it. I seriously think about not playing in the worst conditions so I can avoid corrosion and additional cleaning problems. If I have to play in heavy rain, sometimes I cover my marker with a plastic bag. Even if I don’t play with the bag on, I still have it on me so I can keep the gun dry between rounds.

That’s it. It’s simple. Read your manual. Clean your marker every time you use it. Keep it out of the muck. Lubricate but don’t overdo it.

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