It happens to all of us, even the best of the best. People all handle defeat in a different way; some wont talk to anyone, some cry, others place blame on themselves or their team or the refs (really anyone who they feel deserve it). But what is the best way to take it? After years of wins and losses, you have to take them in stride. Take your wins humbly and the blow from a defeat will not sting as much; and take your losses in stride. Consider waving to the opponent who beat you, give them the thumbs up! It might surprise you how much better that makes you feel when you realize you’re not focusing on your loss, but rather, their win. There will always be another game in which you have the potential to win. Nothing lasts forever, and if you go into games with that mentality you will find that you enjoy them all the more and have much more fun.

The best way to take the pain of defeat, that I have found, is to take a few moments after the game and think over your actions. You will find that you did nothing wrong, you had just been out played, which is totally fine! It just shows you areas of your game that you have to work on. After you have taken a moment, go and find your team mates and have a laugh. Being lighthearted about what happened will put everyone in a better mood. What happened, happened. There is nothing that can be done to change it. Go out and treat yourselves to dinner. There is no reason to punish yourself over a loss, go and celebrate that you were able to play paintball all day! That is what is really important; the game, not the win.

I always go out to Buffalo Wild Wings with my team, and we treat ourselves to some fantastic food and drink in great company. Honestly, I would rather have the memories of having a good time with my team and friends than the memory of the win (even though that is a great memory!). Just some things to keep in mind when you are facing a defeat, its not the end of the world! Keep the fun going.

Defeat is never easy to take


4 thoughts on “Losing

  1. If someone beats me hands down Kudos to them and I will tell them that. The Only people that I have a problem with are those that either A: Bonus Ball you OR B: sit there and Gloat in front of you.But to me there is a lot more to the game then winning or losing.I play for the memories and bonding with friends and family.We always share the stories of years past and recent games and they never seem to get old.I have been playing the sport of Paintball since I was 7 (1989) and still use the same gun that I had then, A Nel-spot 007 which was given to me by my father who bought it in 1983. My Dad,Brother and myself have been playing together for 15 years and there is no one else i would trust to have my back on the field. I take the 007 to every game i play in, most of the time as a conversation starter but also to teach those new to the sport where the sport came from. Nice Article Ethan Keep them coming!!

  2. I agree with you fully about the memories part, and that is so cool about the Nelspot! I haven’t seen one in years!

  3. Losing is part of the game, I cant even count how many hits I have had, but I come back for more. My only thing is I wish I could get this stupid paintball magnet out of my head. I go out and they all fly right to the old noggin lol.

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