Kohn Sports FULL CUSTOM Anomaly Paintball Jersey – A First Look!

Ok guys, this is just shear awesome-ness!  In this video, Russell introduces you to the FULL CUSTOM Anomaly Paintball Jersey, designed and created by the one and only Kohn Sports.  There are a handful of things that Kohn does that sets the bar kohn-sportsextremely high for all other paintball jersey manufacturers, and it doesn’t only stop there – Kohn goes above and beyond to meet all of your expectations.

Take a look at the spandex cuffs, the collar and the mesh down the sides; all of the fabric seen here is the same that is used in creating professional NFL jerseys!  So you can count on these being top-notch.  Kohn just simply keeps the avid paintball player in mind – these jerseys are reinforced, meaning they withstand all of the trench jumping, mud crawling, paintball shooting field action and more!

Also, check out the printing!  Like Russell says, “The printing is like HD on cloth!”  You will notice there is absolutely NO fuzziness, NO blurred lines, and every detail looks sharp.  Another great feature is that you can customize every detail on the jersey, include all of your sponsors, your mother’s name, a cool logo, you want it – you get it!

And with a notable note, Kohn is a small company that makes every item in the United States!  That’s huge, and something that everyone is looking for these days.  So get your Kohn Jersey today from Hustle Paintball, you don’t want to miss out on your custom paintball jersey.

Oh!  And there has been a rumor going around the office that a signed Anomaly Kohn Jersey may be in the works for an up and coming giveaway…so make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, “Like” us on Facebook and keep up with us on our blog to receive all the details once they are released!

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