J4 Torque Paintball Gun (Stacked Tube Spoolie) First Look at PSP World Cup

Ethan from Hustle Paintball tests out the brand new J4 Torque Paintball Gun, which should be out within the next few weeks (approximately 8 weeks) for you to purchase!

J4 is still working on some stuff, but the new J4 Torque has been developed with a brand new engine.  Although they are working on the model, it still shoots just like the production models, which we are looking forward to having up on our website soon.

As Ethan reviews and runs a test shooting, he notices the Torque does not kick – AT ALL!  It is such a smooth shot, it is almost ridiculous.  Compared to other companies who have been in development, production and testing of paintball guns for years – the J4 Torque is just simply mind blowing!

So be on the look out for the new J4 Torque to appear on the Hustle Paintball website.  But in the meantime, if you have any questions or comments please send them over to us by email or Facebook.  Also, don’t forget to continue reading our blog and subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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