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We’re going to take a little break from our usual reviews of paintball gear and goodies to explain some new changes to our website structure. Some of our more astute readers might have noticed that there is now a website called, in addition to Don’t worry, we’re aware of it, and it was actually our idea. We’ll explain here, or if you’d prefer to watch the video, we’ve got a link to it here.

What It’s Not is not an instance of somebody trying to use our name to sell low-quality merchandise. We own the domain. This also doesn’t mean there is a split in our company. Everything goes through the same place, same people, same everything. Both sites will be running at the same time, just serving different niches and selling different types of products, for reasons we’ll explain below.

Why the Change?

Because of some recent changes in Google’s paid advertisement plan, we’ve felt the need to make some changes. Since they have expanded their definition of “firearms” to include paintball markers, they aren’t going to let us advertise our site and markers (now classified as “dangerous items”) through their service. At the end of the day, we’re a business, and we need to be able to advertise.

Our solution was simple we sell everything through a brand new site except markers.  Hence, the creation of, a site where we can sell all of our apparel, pads, hoppers, masks, and the like for paintball. Because we don’t sell markers through this site, we can advertise it on Google and keep getting our name out there, while providing links to our original site to sell markers.

What Does This Mean?

You might need to make a few little changes, but we’ve designed this transition to be as painless as possible. For those of you who are used to the original site, nothing’s going to change we’re going to keep running that business-as-usual, and you’re still going to be able to buy the full range of products. If you bookmark the original address, it’s going to be like nothing’s changed.

If you do go to the new site, you’re going to see everything we normally sell, minus the markers. Other than that, as I’ve said, nothing’s changed. It’s still the same high-quality stuff out of the same warehouse with the same crew. This sister website was just a loophole we created to allow us at Hustle Paintball to keep advertising on a popular search engine and nothing more. Wherever you get your gear, either through or, you’re getting the same range of products, same level of support, and same guarantee that we’ve got exactly what you need.

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