The Hustle Reload #51 – Virtue VIOs came in!

We’re officially outta the old building and into the new building in less than a week from now (or something like that). The boys are still grinding away on working on the new office! Check out some more time lapse.

Also, holy cow, Vios came in today! (same day as upload) and boy oh boy do they look great in person. Jeff and Ben (and Jason HHH!!!) give you a small preview. Check out CBTC later next week with more coverage!!

Build Your Own Virtue Paintball VIO Goggle!


  • Quick Change Lens
  • Large Field of View
  • Distortion Free Optical Clarity
  • Scratch-Resistant Coatings
  • Anti-fog Dual Pane Thermal Lens
  • Advanced Chromatic Lenses: Multi-layer, scratch resistant chromatic coatings increase eye comfort without affecting color appearance.
  • Hinge Lock quick change lens.
  • Low profile without sacrificing coverage.Virtue Paintball VIO Goggle
  • Dual material facemask
  • Combines soft and hard materials for protection and comfort
  • High density soft foam ear pads.
  • Ventilates and breathes easier.
  • Transmits voice better.
  • Light weight and comfortable.
  • Removable multi-layer eye foam.
  • Large lens with increased field of view.
  • Distortion Free Optical Clarity
  • Snap On removable goggle strap & ear pads.
  • Easily interchangeable face mask.
  • Available in 12 stock colorways
  • Available with 30 facemask colorways
  • Scratch-Resistant lens coatings
  • Anti-fog Dual Pane thermal lens
  • Advanced Chromatic lenses available
  • Custom personalization available with thousands of possibilities.

To customize your new Virtue VIO visit the website linked here!

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