Hustle Paintball Factory Team: Anomaly

Anomaly was started with the vision of doing things different. From the gear we choose, our type of play, and our distinctive colors, we simply don’t blend in with the crowd. What does it take to be on Anomaly? A love for paintball, and a disregard for stereotypes. Being a part of Anomaly goes so much deeper than playing paintball, just as paintball goes so much deeper in our lives than the weekend.

As leaders in our community, we seek to encourage and teach newer players, enjoy stiff competition from experienced ones, and no matter what the style of play… at the end of the day, we can positively say “I had fun!” What are some of your team’s aspirations? Do you strive to be a team that people look up to? How are you positively effecting the sport of paintball and your community?

Here is a video of one of the many days that we have spent at Blitz, our favorite field in Colorado. I hope you enjoy!

Click this link for the video. Factory Team: Anomaly @ Blitz paintball



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